The red world

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Chapter 4: the werewolves

My feet pounded against the ground as I ran. Shaneels voice began to fade into the background as I ran as fast as I could. Shaneel yelled my name, but I ignored her.

"Zenya!" Shaneel yelled. I could hear her footsteps falling behind as I ran as fast I my feet would take me.

I ignored her and ran towards the howls, the howls were about every three minutes.

The wind whipped past my face as I ran. My breathing became labored as I pushed myself to continue running. My hair escaped my ponytail and flew out behind me. My legs began to get sore as I pushed myself to run faster.

Shaneels voice was now just a slight whisper as she screamed my name. Her footsteps were completely gone, the wind taking her words.

I ran closer to the howls. I could no longer hear Shaneels voice. I slowed as the howls got closer. I heard a quiet growl amongst the howls.

As I got closer and closer to the howls, I slid into the shadows. I ran through the shadows, between buildings, and in alleys. The howling got closer as I pushed myself to continue towards the howls. In between howls, I would stop for a minute and take a deep breath before continuing.

The shadows closed in around me, hiding me from view. I ran towards the howls.

As I got closer to the howls, I slowed to a fast walk. I slipped into an alley. I turned left and right in the alley until I got to the source of the howling.

The howling was coming from an abandoned building. It was about five stories tall. I peeked through a broken window. From what I saw, it looked like some kind of warehouse. I drew back my head and took a deep breath before looking through the window again. This time I poked my head in farther. I looked side to side, on my right, I saw a wolf and a girl.

The wolf and the girl were circling each other. I backed into the shadows again, this time slowly, so I didn't make a lot of noise. I drew into the shadows. The wolf and the girl disappeared from veiw.

The wolf had been a light, sandy brown color. The girl had her back to me when I looked, but I could tell she had long black hair that fell loose down her back. She wore a tank top and some pants. I didn't know how a girl was supposed to beat a wolf, but in a world like this, anything is possible.

I backed against a brick wall, opposite the window. My bare arms pressed against the cool bricks as I pressed myself against the wall. I was still wearing what I had worn when I went over the wall. That meant a white tank top, and some dark-colored pants.

I waited in the shadows until I heard a crash and a yelp. I don't know why, but I knew it was the wolf and rushed to the window. I poked my head in. The wolf was against the far wall, the wolf was struggling to get up.

Every time it got its feet under it, its legs collapsed under the weight of the wolf. (Let's call the wolf a he for now.) He pushed his back against the wall, still laying on the ground. I could now see the girls face, she had a slender face, she was pale, and she had dark eyes. I wasn't sure, but they seemed to have a hint of red to them.

The girl started advancing on the wolf. The wolf howled again, this howl filled with pain. She stopped about ten feet from the wolf a crouched down. She placed the tips of her fingers on the ground, as if for balance.

The wolf whimpered and pressed himself closer to the wall. The girl jumped at the wolf, her movements were quick and graceful. She moved so fast that she became a blur as she flew towards the wolf. The wolf clumsily scrambled away.

I had an urge to help the wolf. I placed my hands on the edge of the window. I started to pull myself up, when some shattered glass cut into my palm. I let go of the window and fell back to the ground. I landed awkwardly on my right foot. I fell to the ground, I had forgotten about the bullet wound in my calf. I tried to stand, but I suddenly felt completely out of energy.

I looked at my hand my right hand had some glass stuck in it. I grabbed the pieces of glass and pulled. I bit my lip to keep from screaming. I bit my lip harder every time I had to pull a piece of glass out. Eventually, I pulled out the last piece, along with making my bottom lip bleed. I heard a sickening crunch come from inside.

I scrambled up and ran to the window. I looked through it and saw the wolf breathing in ragged, short breaths. On his side he had a slight indention around the rib area. I looked around, but saw no sign of the girl.

I was going to leave, but then I looked back at the injured wolf, I couldn't leave. Not yet at least, I had to help him first. I grabbed a part of the window without much glass, and hoisted myself up. My palms screamed in pain as I put weight on the new wounds.

I landed lightly on my feet, now in the warehouse. I ran to the wolf. I knelt a few feet from him. He was still breathing, that was good. The wolf cowered at my approach. I held up my hands, to show I meant no harm. I slowly shuffled up to him. When I was beside him, I saw a pair of eyes. The eyes seemed to glow in the darkness of the warehouse. More pairs of eyes joined the first. At first I thought they were looking at me, then I realized they were looking behind me. I slowly turned my head.

I saw the girl standing a few feet behind me. Now that she was closer, I saw that she was extremely pretty. I stared at her. Her eyes were a dark red. Her eyes flickered between me and the pairs of eyes.

The girl stared at me, then she turned her gaze to the eyes. After I moment they returned to me, and stayed there. She had a wild, hungry look in her eyes that made me back up against the wall, beside the wolf.

The girl smiled at me, it wasn't a friendly smile, it was a smile that showed the sharp, pointed teeth. The way she smiled and looked at me, gave me the creeps. It made me want to run.

I knew I had to protect the wolf though, so I stayed where I was. I looked the girl in the eye and stared back at her. She seemed surprised by my reaction.

She crouched down, like she had done earlier. She looked at my throat, then lunged, I rolled to the side. She collided with the wall. I scrambled to my feet and looked her I'm the eye. She began circling me. I circled with her.

She bared her teeth and lunged, this time I didn't have time to react. She went flying through the air towards me. I fell back just a second before a large, black wolf collided with the girl in mid air. The girl was thrown to the other side of the room.

She twisted just before she hit the ground, instead of landing on her side, she landed with a roll. I scrambled up and saw as more wolves pour into the warehouse, surrounding the girl. The wolves bared their long, sharp teeth. I ran to the injured wolf.

"Help! He's hurt!" I screamed. One of the wolves turned towards me.

It was a smaller wolf, it looked like a female. She had grey fur and blue eyes. She walked towards me. She stopped in front of me and cocked her head to the side.

"Help." I said quietly.

Why do you care? Came a female voice that seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

"I don't know, just please. Help him." I pleaded after I had gotten past the shock of the voice.

Pick him up if you can. The voice instructed. Be easy.

I slid my arms under the wolfs body. He was surprisingly light. I held him in a way that avoided harming him.

Good, now follow me. With that, the grey wolf ran off.

I got my grip on the wolf and ran after the grey wolf.

She led me to a small building. The builing had a small bed in it, otherwise it was empty.

Put him on the bed. The female voice said. I walked over to the bed and put the wolf on it softly.

"Thank you." I said, looking at the grey wolf.

She looked at me, then her fur rippled and in her place now stood a young woman. She looked about twenty, she had silver hair. She was small, she had a fragile frame.

"You're welcome." She said, her voice matched the one I heard earlier. "But now you know too much. I will give you a choice. Die, or become one if us. Which do you choose?" She added with a sad look on her face, as if she didn't want to make me choose.

I was stunned! Which would I choose? I asked myself.

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