The red world

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Chapter 5: the bite

What would I choose!? My breathing quickened and my heart seemed to have stopped. I took a few deep breaths before I managed to get my heart beating again.

"I-I," deep breath, "I choose to become a-a w-were-werewolf." I said, my voice breaking. She nodded once and gave me a sad smile.

"Go to the corner," she told me.

"Um . . . why?" I asked hesitantly.

"Well, you don't have to, I just figured you didn't want to be standing in the middle if the room. Also, if you are in the corner, when I have to bite you, you won't just fall down.

"Um . . . o-okay." I could hardly get the words out. Wait, did she say bite!?

I walked to the corner, she spoke as I turned back around to her. "Oh, my name's Luna." She said holding out her hand.

I hesitantly shook it, for someone so small, she sure had a strong grip! I let go of her hand and stood awkwardly in the corner. She walked away, I wanted to ask where she was going, but I couldn't force the words out through my fear.

I could hardly breath, much less speak as I watched her retreating figure. I stood there in the corner, frozen. She suddenly turned and turned into the female grey wolf from before. I swear, my heart stopped when she began running at me. Teeth bared as she ran.

As she jumped at me, I fainted and fell to the ground. I didn't feel the pain from the impact, but I knew I'd be sore later.

A few hours later

I woke up in an old bed, with a washcloth on my forehead. I started to sit up, only to realize that my right arm was broken. I cussed and fell back in the bed, my face was beaded with sweat. I attempted to set up again, this time being careful of my arm.

I could hear people arguing, but not what they were saying. I caught bits of it. "Turn her. . . how stupid . . . what were you . . ." My head was spinning, I reached up with my left hand and pulled the cloth away from my forehead. I dropped it on the ground and stood up, very carefully.

I stumbled around for a minute before I braced myself on the wall. I walked unsteadily towards the voices. Suddenly every little thing sounded overly loud. I covered my ear with my good hand and wobbled on my feet. Suddenly thin hands were holding me up. My vision was blurred, but I managed to notice that Luna was the one helping me.

She guided me to a chair, and I plopped down gladly. My vision cleared up and I saw many people looking at me. One person in particular caught my eye. This person was walking away, and everyone parted for him. I scowled, I didn't know why, but I felt angry at him for walking away.

"Luna!" The retreating man barked. She jumped and rushed after him. I weakly got up, wobbling as I stood unevenly on my feet. Everyone close to me reached out to steady me. But I hit each one, I could fend for myself. I stumbled after Luna and the man.

"- Decide to change her without my permission!?" I heard the man yell angrily as I turned the corner. I only heard part of the sentence.

"She knew too much, you probably would have like if I had just killed her, wouldn't you!?" I recognized Luna's voice as I approached them.

The man had an angry look on his face as he pushed Luna. I had seen enough. I wobbled toward him quickly. I pushed him with my left arm, the strength I had conjured up in that push suprised me. The man looked at me with surprise and angrily pushed my. I stumbled back, but didn't dare show any weakness. I didn't fall.

"I do not care who you are! You have no right to talk to anyone like that! I do not care who the heck you are, but if I ever see you hurt anyone again for no reason, you'll regret it!" I screamed at him angrily, and I said it without joking. Either he would take me seriously, or he will have to deal with the consequences.

I turned my back on him and went to help Luna up, who had been thrown into the wall and was laying on the ground curled up in a ball. I could feel the man's eyes staring at my back as I helped up Luna. She looked up at me, and her eyes widened.

I whipped my head around in time to see the man running at me, but he was a wolf. A large dark brown wolf. And when I threw up my arm to defend myself, his teeth sunk into it. I screamed in agony and threw him off.

But it was already done. At that moment I seemed to stop breathing. Where my arm should be bleeding out and hurting. It was bleeding, but I felt no pain, I only saw my vision begin to dim.

I managed to throw a weak punch at the man before my body began burning. Burning hotter than seemed possible. I fell to the ground screaming as I slowly burned. The man was standing over me, but just when he was about to end my misery, Luna tackled him.

I watched through blurry eyes as she held him down. Looking at me on the ground with a worried expression, she pinned him down. My whole body burned, what was happening?

I passed out, and I could feel myself changing even though I was passed out. I felt my body burn hotter, even then before. I felt my body jerk and then I felt eared come from my head, a snout came out of my face, and peice by peice my body changed from human to wolf.

I jerked once more, and then my body quit burning. I was no longer human, I was a wolf. My eyes flashed open and I was on my feet in seconds, and I was hungry.

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