The red world

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Chapter 6: the hunt

I was driven by hunger as I ran through the streets. My senses were all on hunting mode as I searched for food. I ran down the streets and alleys, searching for anything to eat.

I no longer had control over my body, there was no way to control my hunger. I tried to control myself, but I couldn't.

I smelled a drop of blood from a wounded animal. I ran towards it, against my will. I wanted to go back, back to my camper, back to the werewolf pack, back to Shaneel.

Since I no longer had control of myself, I let go, I quit trying to control myself, and let my senses take over. By letting my senses take over, I was letting go of my humanity for that time. I continued to try to hold myself back, from hurting anyone. But it became incredibly hard as my wolf continued to run through the streets.

I heard a sound to my right, in an alley. My wolf turned into the alley and started stalking towards the sound. The sound was like someone crying. I tried to turn away, but my wolf continued to creep towards the sound.

The alley was a dead end, but turned right at the end. The crying sound was coming from the alley to the right. My wolf stalked down the alley, hidden by the shadows.

My wolfs paws padded against the ground silently as it stalked towards the sound. A dim light flickered in front of me. My mind merged with that of my wolf, I still tried to control myself though. With our minds merged, we continued towards the sound. The light flickered ahead of us.

As we continued down the alley, I saw that the light was coming from an old streetlamp that had buildings built around it. Together we stalked through the shadows, staying out of the light. The light continued to flicker as we stalked towards the sound.

The crying sound got louder as we walked towards it. The light flickered and went out. I saw the outline of a small body. The light flickered back on, and I saw the fragile body of Shaneel in the light.

When I saw her, I fought against my wolf, using all the strength I had. My wolf refused to let its prey escape though. I fought against my very being pretty much, that was what I had to do to fight my wolf.

My wolf fought against me, trying to get to Shaneel as prey. I fought against my wolf, which caused my wolf to take slow, sluggish steps. My wolf held more power than me, which meant it would eventually overpower me.

Then for just a second, I stopped fighting my wolf and looked at Shaneel. Her face was down and her back shook. In that instance, I realized she was crying. In that moment, power flooded through me. I used that power to make my wolf leave Shaneel unharmed. I made my wolf turn around and go back to the streets.

My wolf fought to get back to Shaneel, except my wolf didn't think of Shaneel as Shaneel, my wolf thought of her as prey. I used that power to make my wolf run, run anywhere but to Shaneel. Eventually, we got far enough away that I didn't need to fight my wolf for Shaneel.

I turned my wolf towards a forest. My wolf didn't fight me as I ran it into the forest. My wolf ran towards the forest, not fighting me at all anymore.

I heard a sound that sounded like a bird resituating. I turned my wolf towards it, and for a moment, I merged with my wolf and could fell the wind through my fur, the soft ground under my feet, and I could smell everything!

It was almost overpowering, all the smells that came through my nose. I caught the smell of a rabbit. I turned towards the smell and ran towards it. I followed the smell and came to a hole. The hole was in the ground besides a tree. The tree was a large, hollow evergreen.

I dug at the hole until I could stick my head into it. After I had finished digging, I stuck my head into the hole. My eyes searched the dark hole. I saw a slight movement and stuck my head farther into the hole.

My eyes adjusted to the darkness of the hole and I saw more than one rabbit. I saw a whole family if rabbits! One of the rabbits woke up and hopped a tiny bit. That tiny movement was all I needed. Me and my wolf lunged at the rabbit.

A second before our jaws closed around it, it hopped away. I tried to stick my head into the hole more, but my shoulders held me back. I drew my head out of the hole and began digging again. I made the hole large enough that my head and shoulders could fit easily.

I stuck my head in there, I saw the same rabbit. I wiggled farther into the hole and my nose touched the rabbit. The rabbit froze when my nose touched it.

Me and my wolf lunged again, this time the rabbit wasn't fast enough. My jaws closed around the rabbit. The taste of the meat made me hungry for more. I licked my lips and pushed myself farther into the hole. My breath blew against the sleeping rabbits fur, blowing them out of order.

One rabbit to the outside of the group, moved as my breath blew on it. Its ears perked up and, before it knew what was happening, I snapped it up.

Just when I was about to eat another, I looked at them, they were sleeping so peacefully. They thought they were safe from danger, now they just lost two relatives. I was overcome with guilt, along with my wolf.

I pulled my head and shoulders out of the hole and ran back to were I had begun. Then I continued to run until I found my camper.

When I got there, I smelled a familiar scent. I couldn't place the scent though. I stood up on my hind legs and put my front paws on the side of my camper. I looked through the window and saw her.

I saw that she was crying. Her back rose and fell shakily. She was sitting on the couch with her head in her hands. She was Shaneel, and she was either hurt or sad. All I wanted to do was go and comfort her, my wolf no longer wanted to eat her, but I couldn't go in there. I would just scare her.

I looked at her through the window for a long time before I walked to the door and layed down. I put my head on my paws and closed my eyes, within moments I was asleep.

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