A Lovely School for Ugly Pickpockets

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Sequel to the story:’ A Changeling Road’ This story is rather hard to peg. At it’s heart, it’s a rapscallions’ tale, at it’s soul, it becomes something much deeper… Have you ever been cajoled into doing a task that is totally out of your comfort zone and experience? But asked in such a way that your very being cannot resist the urges to carry it out? That is what this tale is all about, well sort of… ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Cover photo is from Meriluu Lumoss A Brilliant Artist Check out her stream on flicker https://flic.kr/p/2hCRgNE

Adventure / Mystery
Cadence Abbot
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Recess is over

“Sigh Here goes it then, He probably is still sitting and drinking scotch at the bar!” ……

I said this myself as I stood alone in a side court of the brick building that had once been an eel tinning factory in the late 1800s.

I had lit my pipe to help ease the wait as the stage was being set up inside, and also to calm down the reluctance I was feeling for my upcoming task!

As I had sent circles of smoke swirling upwards, I busied myself by looking around at the odd shapes in the aged stained red bricks, surprisingly graffiti-free!

After the eel business failed, the building had seen many uses: a church, field hospital during the raids, a restaurant, and now a photography studio upstairs and fancy reception hall downstairs.

One of my customers had given me tickets to attend this fancy-dress affair, being held in the reception hall. The chance to dance, imbibe in a rather nice selection of liquor, and french appetizers. Along with an opportunity to be charitable to OX Fam.

I had come willingly enough, but my enjoyment of the festivities had been somewhat dampened by being requested to carry out an unexpected task about an hour ago.

A task really quite unrelated to my line of work!

Sort of like a Queen’s Guardsman being asked to do step out of line and do an Irish jig was the way I felt over it!

So, blimey then, why did I agree to be cajoled into it?

Well please read on, all things will be made clear in the end, providing I can pull the bloody stunt off!

So now I put out my pipe, knocking out the ashes against my patent leather shoe, brown, to go with my brown suit, brown silk tie and solid yellow starched shirt I was wearing out to that afternoons’ reception.

“I suppose, let’s find the Bugger!” I told myself with a slight hesitation, but with no whine in me voice ( for the record)!

I then promptly turned away and moved off, forcibly striding my way back inside…

I needed to see a man about a wager he was unaware that he was making as of yet!


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