A Lovely School for Ugly Pickpockets

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Field Trip

I arose, straightening my jacket and tie, and looking over to where the lady wearing the green gown was blissfully dancing…. I commented under my breath, half encouraging to myself…

“You are on lad!”

And marched myself off to the dance floor without looking back, even when I clearly heard him smirkingly make a rude sound to my back!.

The current song was ending and I caught up with my quarry as she began nicely swishing her way off the dance floor with cock robin leading the way.

Gently laying fingers upon a scintillating satin clad shoulder, I touched her from behind.

She turned and fixed me with a rather fetchingly heart-tugging demure look of questioning upon her face from a pair of intriguingly hazel coloured eyes.

Said eyes were rather enticingly enlarged by being behind the thick-lensed black glasses she was wearing.

“Care to dance?” I asked, with some earnest, ( after all twenty quid is twenty quid)!

She smiled, laying upon me an aire of innocence that rather took me aback for an instance…, then said sweetly

“Sorry lad, I am a bit worn out just now !”

My heart dropped down to my feet at that!

Seeing my utter disappointment, then she continued with a perked smile, placing a gloved hand to her throat and playing with the very necklace, one which decidedly, despite my earlier comments, would not have come from a crackerjack box!

“I will be guess‘in that I can’t see what harm one more dance could do a girl, would it then ?”

She spoke with a rather soft sort of Irish brogue, that was the second generation at best, but had me hooked with its lyrical lilt!

She turned towards her waiting escort, who was casting daggers my way with his eyes!

She nodded to, raising her green gloved hand for him to take with a gentle dismissal, and then he begrudgingly left!


I said with heartfelt meaning and led her back to the wooden dance floor as the orchestra was getting ready to start up playing music again.

A slow dance started up and I took her in my arms, keeping a discreet, friendly distance between us.

We made small talk, though I avoided talking anything about jewelry.

Trying to think like a thief would in this situation.

I was figuring in my mind that if the plan was to be carried out with success, I, and my victim, needed to stay well away off the subject of the jewels she was wearing!

I did, however, manage to steal several discreet glances at her necklace, a pretty thing.

It consisted of a thin gold chain, set with a single row of emeralds divided by small sparkly chips of diamonds. It had a loose lay around her neck, bouncing easily along with their perch, which was just nicely above the girl’s tightly satin clad chest!

All in all, a quite completely vexing show indeed!

Also, by how the necklace was moving loosely about, partially laying on the slick green satin of my partner’s gown, It appeared that one could slip the whole necklace off rather easily.

If I was to now be a quick, unaccustomed judge of such matters!

After a few random comments concerning the evening’s doings, I complimented her on her pretty hair.

Which it was, pretty I mean, strikingly black, falling softly down to her shoulders where its’ curled ends swayed with a most delighting motion.

Also, the long emerald earrings that kept peeking in and out as they swung merrily from her hair were putting on a rather playful show!

She blushed, turning her head down, earrings and necklace swaying out in a rhythmic beat!

By the purely innocent way, she bashfully responded to my compliment, I was encouraged to go ahead and proceed in winning my wager!

I removed my hand from around her waist and lifted a lock with my left hand in emphasis, taking the opened opportunity to study her necklaces clasp caught in the reflection of the mirror now conveniently behind her.

I re-set my hand upon her a rather sensuous feeling backside, gently laying it nonchalantly just upon her shoulder.

The way her eyes were closed in a basking manner, she appeared not to notice the change in my grasp.

She happily ate up my compliments, giggling with pleasure as she flicked her hair back, sending her pair of lovely, longish earrings sparkling alongside her enchanting face!

The whole effect was made even more lively with those eyeglass magnified, doe-like wide hazel coloured eyes smiling with pure pleasure!

She was quite a vexing, most charming thing, my dance partner, and the conversation flowed easily between us.

She appeared to be an absolutely sweetly trusting soul, and I, with some slight reservation, made the most of it!

My hand meanwhile was still rested upon her shoulder, and I slowly allowed it to travel closer to her necklace, watching for any sign of skittishness from my dance partner.

But she continued chatting away, accepting smiles from me as silent answers, which was just as well, for my mind was set on other things, and any conversation requiring me too think out an answer would have intruded on my concentration, hampering me on the way of acquiring her necklace, and winning of our wager!

But soon there were other emotions in play!

For her long green satin gown felt like heaven under my fingertips, and I was beginning to become pleasantly mesmerized by how the sleek material fluidly swished and fluttered around us as we danced.

Actually, I soon realized that so spellbinding was my partner, that I found myself almost convinced not to play any tricks and let the wager be lost!

But then I looked up and in the reflection of the mirror, saw the smug face of the git staring at me from the bar and decided I just could not let him win!

That cleared my mind, I will say, and rekindled my interest in seeing if I could do this!


It was then I realized that the dance music was in its final chords...

I decided I had to go for it now!

So I forced out a comment about one of the blokes sitting at the bar ( far from my fellow conspirator!), her eyes sought and found the gent out, then she fetchingly giggled in agreement to my observation.

Meanwhile, my fingers had deftly reached up to the end of the gold chain hanging down from the clasp of her necklace.

Ever so slowly I pulled it down like one would a lampshade chain, and the whole affair obligingly came down!

The hinged clasp soon was captured in my grasping fingers.

At the same time, I was watching the necklace with its flickering emeralds and diamonds, from the front, as her head had been turned towards the bar.

I noticed how the necklace was moving up, smoothly slithering along with the sleek material of her pretty gown, praying it would not catch and draw her attention!

But the sparkling little beauty behaved, and gave its’ unaware mistress no fair warning!!

We twirled around and I led her to a far corner where a group of fake trees was clustered, giving me a bit of haven from the possibility of being seen making my final move!

The music started on its final chord, I probably only had a little over a minute to make good on my attempt!

I knew the type of her necklaces’ clasp, now wedged in my fingertips, and having worked on many like it, this one presented no problem.

So it was, with surprising ease given me nervousness, the diamond emerald necklace’s necklace’s clasp nicely popped open, leaving one end of the expensive necklace laying over her shoulder, resting like a shimmery snake in the green grass, as it laid out upon her sensuously shiny gown!

Then, in quick fashion, timing it perfectly as the song ended…

I bought her willingly into a friendly hug thanking her, whilst at the same moment whisked the necklace from around the neckline of her satin gown!

It came away, smooth as sliding a melting ice cube across the surface of a piping hot griddle!

It easily slipped off, then fell safely away and was securely stowed away into a tux pocket before we had fully broken apart.

Shamelessly I smiled into her eyes.

“Thank you luv, that was rather quite pleasant !”

I told her this in all sincerity as I removed my left hand from my pocket, and delicately took her green gloved one up to kiss adieu!

She looked down at our hands for one brief second, and I eyed the quite glaringly empty spot where her rather fine necklace of emeralds and diamonds had until so very recently had been dangling.

Could it really be that easy I thought curiously to myself!

Briefly wondering also what thoughts would be in a real thief’s mind upon successfully reaching this point!

She looked back up and smiled winningly at me as I innocently looked into her eyes

I could tell she was truly clueless as to what had just transpired!

She chirped back with her rich Irish brogue…

” Pleasure was all mine, to be sure, kind sir, thank ye for the quite lovely dance, but now it’s time for a restin of weary feet ya know.”

She slipped her hand, hesitantly I thought, from mine.

And with that, she turned and I watched for a rather few elongated seconds as she swished her way off, almost wishing to myself that at the last minute she would notice the necklaces’ absence.

And in my mind, I imagined being given a second dance as a reward for finding her lost necklace, or perhaps something even better may come of it … well worth losing twenty quid over!

But she didn’t notice and was gone, soon melting in with the crowd on the opposite fringe of the wooden dance floor.

And all my imaginings and desires evaporated with her…

I then finally noticed heart was pounding up a storm!

For there I was, standing there like a loon with a lady’s still warm necklace in my jackets’ pocket!

Some thief!

We hadn’t even exchanged names, which would have been a quite natural thing to do if one was trying not to appear doing anything out of the ordinary!

It’s a wonder she hadn’t noticed and start to wonder… Maybe she was? And I pictured how she had played with the necklace as I had asked her to dance. Blimey, I wasn’t out of the woods yet, was I!.

I forced myself to turn away, and head back before any undue attention was given to me,


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