A Lovely School for Ugly Pickpockets

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Skipping Class, not for a smoke either!

My Wife’s green satin gloved hands, which had been clasped closed upon her gown’s shiny lap, were now opened a little and I peaked at the wild glistening of the 3 tiered bibbed necklace of quite genuine diamonds that lay nestled in her gloved palms.

Whistling, I asked…“I assume that those came from the gent’s tux pocket ?”

“ Quite she said, and a rather easy pick it twas , muggy bumping into me like he did!”, “ Rather a rude ’un wasn’t he!”

She straightening her glasses in remembrance.

I chuckled in the memory of just how annoying the bloke had been, then said…

“Yes, most certainly was, rude, the self-centered wealthy young twit! Absolutely agree on that subject my love!!...plus the bugger smelled of something rude! ”

My eyes on the road, as I said this, I swerved to miss a clump of a cow’s by-product on the road, then continued on…

“It was a good plan! Played out just as you said it would! Sorry I doubted you!”

My wife, and partner in crime, smiled as I glanced over to her…

“Happy out!

When you first pointed out her diamonds, I knew that the spoiled missy’s necklace was the best take there by far of the other jewels stingingly being worn by any of the other ladies! And Bob’s me, uncle if those weren’t her maters anyways! “

I shook my head….

“Umm, possibly a bit too modern a setting for her mother, maybe a filthy rich admirer behind the curtains, so to speak...judging by the friendship ring she was flaunting about under everyone’s nose?”

My wife was still smiling, studying the brite necklace as it lay piled in her palm, a nice contrast, flickering diamonds on a green satin bed!…

Me pretty wife went on…

“Could be luv… but moer’ in likely ah disgustingly rich one than filthy he would be at that, judging by the quality of these diamonds she was wearing so flagrantly. One could see that without a jewelers’ microscope!”

“But, of course, the fly in the ointment, was missey’s shadowing brother, watching her like a hawk from that barstool! The poor thing couldn’t enjoy herself properly, let alone wander off anywhere alone where a person like m’self could be expected to acquire a bit of them jewels in a proper fashion!!”

My eyes back on the road, I nodded in agreement, then with a sigh, I said…

“Yes and we both saw she wasn’t drinking and didn’t appear to be needing to use a powder room…”

“So we met up in that secluded side court to hold council, and agreed it was all up to me!”

She looked over at me, rather meekly...

“So, what better way than to have her brother take them, and obligingly deliver them to us?”

I sighed again, for dramatic reasons…

“ I know luv… at first, I was against the idea, especially since it placed me in the spotlight!”

Turning my eyes from the road, I gave both her, and the necklace she held, a brief, but warming, glance!

Then continued on…

”You, after all my lovely one, are the actress and pickpocket in the family!”

My wife laid a softly gloved hand upon my shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze…

“ I was knowin you could do it luv, and the gambit was well worth its outcome if successful, which so far, it has!”

I chuckled…

“And it only cost us a mere £220!

I said this with triumph, for we both knew what the value of those diamonds would represent against a normal fortnight’s work to the year’s family income!”

My wife lowered her hand from my arm and laying it on my lap, squeezed my leg quite in a happy fashion.

As I, and the family jewels, both perked up at this, she snickered and commented….

“I think we are done for the weekend my luv, perhaps we should head on towards for home now, I think that I can ‘feel’ that you may be in agreement? “

Smiling outwardly at her words, I had to ask, half curious…

“What about the black-tie tomorrow night at the Regents’ castle then Luv?”

I was referring to the rest of our plans for the outing.

“Could collect a few gems other than diamonds to come home with on Monday?”

I was maybe a wee bit disappointed, which she knew by my next question…

“And I thought you still were a wanting the opportunity to play out the ‘Damsel in Distress’ routine we’ve been working on and had been originally planning on trying out today?”

I stole over a glance as I said this, half hoping I could change her mind and she would be game for it!

She slipped her arm in mine and drawing her sweet self-close to me murmuring, purposefully deepening her rich Irish brogue, purred…

”I think we have done a rather good bit of business for this trip laddie!”

As my wife, nestled up against me she looked up into my eyes before continuing …

I was smiling, for as she had moved, my ears caught the distinctly pleasant sound of rich thicke satin slithering along with fine leather! A rather richly provocative sound, to me, anyway!

Needless to say, my attention was now taken as my wife spoke on in her persuading fashion…

“Not often we have a big score this early! And its more ‘in enough, husband of mine, that we can afford to skip over the other things for now? New routines can wait, Don’t’cha agree wit me now m’ lad?”

She ended with a hopeful beckoning sort of look, a winning weapon that most wives are quite adept at using from their wily arsenal of emotional tugs….

I automatically smiled, never being one to resist that type of lure….

She saw that I was in agreement with my grinning face…

“That’s it then, I can see you agree! Darling, on Home to Badger’s Drift it is now!”

“And If you be want’in any more jewels stolen, you can continue to practice on me tonight!”

She had leaned up and over, as she whispered cheekily, her lustily breath tickling my ear while a long jeweled earring intentionally was allowed to hit me alongside a cheek.…the same cheek she than pecked a kiss upon!!!

Mission accomplished, She broke away and happily settled back into her seat as my voice finally found it’s tongue!

“ OK, Let’s not press our luck on, correct me, fine lass!”

I stated this in absolute agreement…and, feeling a familiar tingling start down between my legs, responded by letting my foot push the accelerator, causing the purring old engine to rev it up and add a bit of speed to our journey!


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