Midnight Occurrence at the Lakefront Cottage

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A Midnight Escape

The reception proper had been over for a few hours, and just a few close relatives, guests sleeping the night over, and various friends remained. We closed up shop at the park and headed back to the cottage and an outside fire to end the evening.

It was well after midnight as most of the remaining group was hanging around a fire in the back terrace of the cottage,

I had been sitting with my brother and his fiancé when the two deserted me to sneak off for a walk (more likely to find a private area to snog) around the lake!

Now sitting alone by myself, I felt a wanderlust whimsical feeling to go and sit on one of the antique benches set around a small landing that was located down the front hillside, on the top of which was where the cottage had been built.

Grabbing a goblet of wine, I headed off away around the isolated cottage, then down the long narrow hillside stairs leading down to the landing, looking forward to finally being away from the lime lite as it were!

I was quite alone in this secluded spot.

I strained my gown and slid down upon the cool wooden slats of the bench, which afforded a misty view of my small island, off some 50 meters from the landing.


I was sitting there for some time lost in my thoughts, feeling sleepy, when I realized with a shiver that it was getting chilly!

But a warm breeze was coming in and my mind started to play tricks on me.

That I had not shivered because of the cold, but instead I was getting goose pimples from feeling someone’s eyes upon me!

So, then I started to imagine that I was indeed being watched by someone from the island!

I opened my eyes wide, as I convinced myself that indeed someone was watching me!

A dark figure in a houndstooth sports jacket with hard cold eyes and a mind to be up the to no good popped into my mind!

I nervously turned around with the idea of heading back up, and as I did, I jumped, not a little either, at what I saw!

There was actually a long shadowy figure at the top of the stairs, framed in moonlight, staring me down!!!

As I watched the figure slipped down the stairs, by the flapping dress I knew it was female.

Finally, I could make out who it was as she came into the light cast off from the dock’s lanterns.

It was the lady in the slinky black satin number with vertical stripes. She was wearing a bouncing emerald/ diamond pendant and matching swinging earring that glittered noticeably a green flickering fire from her as she moved.

She smiled, raising a hand that held a tall glass of ice and some clear liquid, her expensive-looking emerald bracelet twinkling in a mesmerizing display of its rich coloured emerald/diamond gemstones.

I recognized her as one of the guests I had briefly met, whom, much like a hummingbird, had been flittering about amongst us without never really staying long in any one place!

When I earlier first met the now slowly approaching lady, She had been a total stranger to me, coming up to me at the reception to compliment me on my pretty attire.

Said she was there alone and was usually quite shy around strangers, though she had not appeared to me in any way a timid dear!

(Especially, when later, I spotted her being chums with another unknown guest, a slanty-eyed bloke wearing a houndstooth jacket, with a gold tooth that flashed wickedly as he smiled!)

She was actually quite handsome, wearing a long black satin dress with vertical gold stripes. I complimented her on it and she smiled, ever so prettily blushing, her eyes magnified by the horned rim glasses she was wearing...

Since she was wearing no jewellery, I was not able to use that as a topic of conversation or admirations!

Feeling sorry for the poor thing, we had chatted a bit, light talk, and she had taken her leave, apologizing if she was appearing rude, but she must compliment my cousin, the bride, who I saw had just come in, new husband and her green taffeta clad pouty younger sister in tow!


But that was then, this was now!

I sat watching her, as she reached the bottom step, then swished over to me as I was sitting on the landings bench, inwardly shuddering a bit!

She was decidedly an odd bird, especially the way she was eagerly looking down upon me like an old friend!

But there was something different about her now, something had changed, but in my befuddled state of mind at her appearance, it was something I just could not place a finger on at the time?

Though much later, the mystery would be solved much to my chagrin, for not solving it sooner and perhaps things would have had a different ending for me that evening!

But trying to work out a solution to that mystery slipped from my mind as I again felt a chill and wished I had brought my gowns matching wrap!

But alas, couldn’t be rude enough to hurriedly make that as an excuse and leave her just as she arrived?

So, playing the kind hostess, I settled down to hold ground and meet my fate!

So much for quiet solitude, I thought wryly, and assuming my role as part of the bridal party, politely motioned the unwished-for guest to come over and have a sit-in with me.

She swished down over, laid a hand on my shoulder, her bracelet sparkling, as I looked up. I could see my necklace shimmering in her horned rim glassed, rather surprised over how lavish the reflection appeared!

They almost looked real!

“’Ello, we meet again!”

she said adjusting her gown as she sat next to me.

“Cheers then “

she continued, clinking her wine glass to mine

I nodded in salute, and we both took a drink.

She was looking out over the misty waters as she sipped...

“Must say, you are brave, to be down here all alone Luv.”

She lectured, glancing around.

I replied, trying my damnedest to sound cheery…

“Not really… I come down here a lot to sit and think, it’s one of my favourite spots.”

“Here, and the island over there also!”

I added, pointing across the water to the small island.

She shivered.

“Creepy island, who knows what or who may be over there lurking in the shadows watching us!”

Despite myself, I did jump a little at her words…

She was beginning to creep me out saying things I had already been thinking.

Maybe she had sensed my unease…

For she quickly started to babble on about odd things she had heard happening to others. Footsteps in the dark with no one appearing and other sorts of unwarranted, alone in a dark alleyway, titbits that I could really quite do without!

She was on about an old silent movie where a deranged mental patient had broken into an isolated mansion where a young heiress was spending a lonely evening when I decided enough was quite bloody enough!!!

I knew that movie! And I was not in the mood to be further creeped out by thinking about it now!

I was quite done with this uninvited guest and decided it had been time enough, and I could, with etiquette be damned, take my leave!


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