Midnight Occurrence at the Lakefront Cottage

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Chapter 5 Surrender

So patiently I waited until she had a lull in her chattering, to seize the moment and bolt!

Ready now, to surrender my dock landing hideaway to her and head up to re-join the remaining guests around the warm friendly fire!

I turned to her, startled by the way for a second she had been smiling at me like she knew an untold secret, but her expression changed immediately as I had looked!

Smiling, she leaned over to pat my wrist, her fingers touching my sapphire bracelet.

Despite my attempts to be in control, I stammered as I spoke…

“Really must get back to the bride and our guests!”

Then, she said something that was really quite odd...

“And your lovely wee cousin dear should see where she has gotten off too!”

I looked at her blankly, then realized I had not seen my snooty younger cousin for some time!

And there was still that something else about this stranger that I for the life of me could not lay a finger upon!

It seemed to me that the two, missing younger cousin, and this stranger’s mysterious change in appearance, were both related!

But I was in too much a hurry to make my retreat from her to worry about what that was!

“Hope I’m not making you uncomfortable Luv?”

She said consolingly, but without any real depth to her apology, as she absentmindedly stroked her hands, pawing along my dress as she spoke with a syrupy voice!

“You were looking very pretty this evening, Luv! A very pretty dress you have on also…”

Then, while still pawing me, her drink sloshed, spilling some of the ice cubes, which pooled down upon the lap of my gown, making me shiver, the cool air and the dampness on my gown increasingly adding on an overwhelming need to use the loo, which also added to my already existing urge to excuse myself!!

“Oh, dear I’ve solid your dress! Here let me get something...”

I rose from the bench wiping myself down…

The weird lady followed suit, as she fumbled inside a small, rather bulging, black clutch purse,

I declined her assistance, just glad of a reason to be rid of this odd lady, and told her I would clean up inside the cottage!

She, in turn, gave me an oddly triumphant smile as I urgently took my leave.

Trying not to notably shiver or shake, I went over and made my way back up the deck stairs, resisting the urge to run!

At the top I looked back to the island for a few seconds, nothing moved, except the rising shapes of mist that was forming over the long lakes wave less dark waters.

Of course, no one was watching from there!

I looked down upon the interloper back to being seated on my bench...

She was just sitting there, staring out over the water with a secretive grin, dress fluttering, not bothering to look up at me.

I turned, the wet spot on my gown chilling me, causing shivers!

I fled to the kitchen side door of the cottage, hearing the commotion outback from my fellow guests, and the flickering shadows of unseen people and flames dancing off the trees.

I then headed, still shivering, inside through the kitchen to make my way to our downstairs basement bedroom loo.


The house was eerily quiet and empty, unfortunately lending to the chilly atmosphere!

I was trembling on pins and needles as I was making myself scared silly to be in there, looking down darkened corridors that appeared to be passing themselves off as sinister alleyways!

I went in and downstairs to the basement bedroom I was sharing with my cousin.

I opened the door and entered.

The door started to creepily creak close behind me, so I turned, opened it wide where it stayed!

I scurried over to the small cupboard sized loo.

I quickly did my business, dabbed at the wet spot on my party dress, deciding I should not take time to bother a change, the warm fire would dry it soon enough!

As I took a quick look in the mirror, I scolded my panicked stricken, looming reflection that I was a “silly old duck”, and then hurriedly left to head back to join the rest of the dwindling reception guests by the warm fire.

As I left the toilet, I froze in my tracks, the bedroom door that I had left open was now forbiddingly, firmly shut.

I had not heard a sound, which added to the mystery!

“So, what smart ass bugger shut the door!”

I said to myself, aloud apparently.

For a stranger, gruff voice snarled behind me

“I did Missy!”

My heart leaped into my throat, stifling any sound I was too frozen to make anyways!

In horror placed a hand to my breast and another o my open mouth as I looked up at the dark form menacingly looming up behind me, reflected in back of the door hanging mirror

I was also all too aware of the betraying show that my sparkling my jewels were also reflecting!


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