Midnight Occurrence at the Lakefront Cottage

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What the F….

Suddenly I was grasped from behind by a pair of strong, roughly unforgiving hands.

My whole figure jumped with the enveloping shivering shock as an ice cold hand clamped over my mouth, silencing my startled shriek as blatantly it started. ...

I struggled to turn as his other hand was able to keep ahold of my slickly covered figure.

My mind went to the only scenario that made any sense…

So I struggle, and tried muffling to yell at my turd headed twin brother for scaring the life out of me by playing his silly games….

But then in my ear a most menacing soprano pitched voice muttered with evilly spoken conviction.

“What have we here said the spyder to the pretty butterfly?”

A chilling, sinking feeling swept down over me as I, in utter shock, suddenly stopped squirming; the voice speaking was not my twin’s brother’s bass voice!

The unknown voice continued on, answering my muffled question as I now began to really struggle, but found I was held tightly haplessly within his strong grasp!

The voice chuckled at my attempts to escape, continuing on talking with wicked confidence…

“I was coming down to leave, Missy and imagine my surprise when I watched your fine glossy figure heading downstairs into this hidden bedroom!”

I began to quiver in shivery fright...

He hissed in my ear…

“Now Don’t move about my pretty blue bird!”

Something deadly hard was stroked along up against my side, and then poked into my waist, as my heart was now pounding in up my throat!

“No cries for help either Missy “he again ordered, speaking close in my ear

“Or I may have to use this!”

And the round barrelled thing he was poking against me was pressed in even harder into my back to make his hideous point known!

I nodded helplessly in submissive agreement, my figure wilting to his threat!

I remember quite well, cringing and feeling waves of shivers sparking up and down my spine as he held me captive in his hard-unforgiving grasp!

Not really knowing with any sickening realty what all was going to happen next, though I was fairly certain my pretty jewels would be on this buggers wish list!

He turned me around and I was face to face with an evilly black attired man wearing an even blacker, snarly appearing ski mask!

Holding me close, pressing the unseen object into my waist, he stared at me with his hard-grey eyes, whilst he muttered, half to himself in a most happily evil tone of voice!...

“Well, well, look at the pretty package we have caught!”

He paused as my eyes began to dart back and forth in horror!

“I only was interested in riffling through the contents of your bedrooms rooms wasn’t I Luv, while your fine lot were distracted outside!”

“But the bonus of watching you and your sparklers appear for your ill-timed call to nature is appreciated, I will say that!”

“And the discovery of a new bedroom to have a look around is always appreciated, always nice things to be found in ’em, aint there now, Missy!”

He smacked his lips this as he was eyeing me over…

I noticed my long shimmering diamond earrings were richly sparkling, reflected in his lusting evil eyes!

I gulped as a dryly scratchy frog came lumping up in my throat!

In answer his rough left hand began excitedly snaking up my front, up over my breasts and lifting up the end of my twinkling sapphire encrusted necklace, as he evilly smirked!

As he had groped along my breasts, he drooled his words, talking to himself.

“A rather fine plump one we have!”

Then while he tugged greedily at my necklace.

“With some rather nice ice to be chipped away!”

I tried pulling back, but he grasped me harder by the waist and held me to him as I squirmed, I could quite feel that this Wankers figure was undeniably hot and quite stiff with desire!

He now spoke with even more conviction!...

“Dem flashy jewels your wearin luv, I believe I’ll have them then now won’t” I !

“So, lets have those hands raised, high!”

he purred nastily, with a craving conviction.

I countered. “Not my jewels sir I whined; they are worthless!”

He smiled, his mask taking on a grotesquely ugly look…

Obviously, her was ignoring my please, so with a sigh, I raised my hands, feeling helpless and vulnerable as he quickly began working me over quite thoroughly chuckling with delight. With annoyingly adept precision, his rough, gloved fingers felt searchingly along my cringing my figure for my jewels!

The mirror that was hanging down on the closed door that we had primped in front of earlier, was still in view, and I could see my reflection in it, and ... also his, as he was quickly working me over!

I tried not to look but failed miserably and I began to feel my whole being wilt in utter despair as one by one he I watched him meticulously plucking my trembling figure clean!

Starting first by forcing off my flashing rings, then unclamping my favourite diamond cuff bracelet, followed by my sapphire one!

Then he reached up into my hair, and mercilessly yanked off both my hinged clasped earrings, greedily pocketing the lot!

Once finished with that he concentrated on working off the main prize, my shiny necklace!

Reaching up behind my neck, unfastening it ,he bought it around and let it dangle in front of my eyes.

He had taken my Sapphire Necklace!

And I again squirmed uncomfortably as he stashed it away!!

The wanker was all too fondly enjoying this game he was playing at my expense!!!

Finished with that job, he lastly reached down over to my waist to begin prying off my shimmery new broach, which my Cousin had had me pin to my sash as a last-minute addition so as to match hers!

I loved that broach!

I managed out a sobbing, crackling dry plea for him not to take it

Surprisingly, He listened and removed his hand from it promising he would not lay a finger on it, “Scouts honours” Missy!

Then had me turn around.

“All right now Missy, lets see how high you can keep those hands raised up, and keep ’em there if you know what’s good fer you!”

Wondering “what now ?!” I obeyed.

He placed his hands upon the sides of my gown, reaching just up under my armpits, and started carefully to pat me down from behind.

I knew he knew he had taken me for everything and was just playing me, adding insult to injury while he was satisfying a dreadful lust to cope a feel of my tight fitting ultra-smooth gown!

Typical male!

I realized that, like a seasoned male actor, he obviously was a professional and had played this role enough times that he was self-confident, assuredly in control, and was cravingly, relishing every second of this wicked game!

Everything he did had a purpose, rhyme and reason behind it!

I was just beginning to realize that, but I still was not fast enough to figure those reasons ahead of time, and it would cost me!!!

I sighed deeply in my misery and despair, unable to move in my utterly vulnerably paralyzing distress!

The monster quickly finished, and with a pat along my waistline, stood back behind me.

I breathed a sigh, I believed the wanker had finished and should be making good his getaway.

But then, like that creepy lady who had driven me from my refuge into this terror, he eerily read my mind!

“Almost done Missy, just one more thing!”

His words echoed with dread in my ears!


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