Midnight Occurrence at the Lakefront Cottage

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What’s Next!?

I was still too frozen in fear to move, and saw in the reflection that he had reached into his pocket and pulled out some solid coloured gold silk handkerchiefs.

The unscrupulous Git must have snatched them from a silky pocket that must have been inside one of the dresses hanging in another bedroom closet!!

He hissed menacingly!

“To make sure the creeping cat keeps your tongue while I complete my job!”

He then he gagged me silent with one of the handkerchiefs!

Then he reached up, and yanking down my arms so they were behind my back, he tightly bound my hands with another!

Cheeky Bastard!

But the wanker wasn’t through with me yet!

He pulled my back up against his lustful body and I felt the cold damply sweaty fingers of his right hand reach up and gruffly laid his right hand on my the front of my dress!

He then happily felt along the top of my gown, his right hands’ fingers coldly moving slickly along, while his left hand held me securely by the waist as I squirmed in his hold, my hands firmly tied, while he cruelly he fondled about.

It was a bittersweet prickling process I was feeling as I helplessly underwent his obviously practiced ritual!

“Pity You’re not hiding anything more in there!”

he hissed in my ear as he withdrew his hand.

Then added…

“Times a eating!”

And pushed me over to my cousins bed and had me turn and awkwardly sit down upon it!

The bastard was having me watch him as he worked over our room for the rest of our valuables!

As if what he had done so far wasn’t bloody enough!

Watching, I squirmed with acute anxiety in my bindings, as he went about it!


He was thorough I will admit, quickly, unerringly, ransacking our room with expert precision, wasting no time, as he checked through drawers, riffling through our shared closet, quickly fingering over the expensive clothes he was finding within, overturned purses.

Then he searched the bed-stands, discovering both our jewel cases, which he spotlessly cleaned out, not caring if it was costume or real!

He even pocketed my small gold (plated) antique brush with the engraved handle!

That thief was cannily pocketing anything found that was small, shiny, easily carried, and of any possible value, which a lot of it was!!

He even managed to find the thin silver headband, the one set with pricey diamond chips, that my cousin had placed hidden at the bottom drawer of her lingerie cabinet after wearing it out the evening before!

I had convinced her this morning not to wear it today, she had looked better in her bridal gown with her long red hair down and flowing free, plus her sister was wearing a thinner version already I had explained! …

And now she would never be wearing it again… and she had that sequined gown that went amazingly with it, both band and dress she had been wearing at the rehearsal dinner!

Actually, that shimmery gown was now lying in a glittery heap in the floor outside the closet. He had greedily yanked it out to make sure none of the sparkling his hungry eyes had drooled over were actual gems!

He had even shot me a look as he held up it in his touchy paws to see if I was flinching to indicate that it may be valuable enough to steal.

At my lifeless blank stare, he just grunted and tossed it down in a heap!

When he had finished, he went and stood over me

He suddenly, demandingly snarled…

“Anything I missed luv?!”

Startled, I jumped, not being able to control myself as I glanced over to my satin pillow that lay at the header of my bed!

The unethical stinker!

“Thought so!” he said. preening with satisfaction at his tomfoolery!

Deflated, I cringed as directly he went over to my bed.

He bent over, lifting my plum satin coverlet and picking up the matching pillow.

He grasped up the long thin silk purple slip I was wearing for a night gown and looked underneath!

He cackled as he plucked up greedily, the small black velvet satchel that had been hidden underneath my night gown.

He walked it over and emptied it onto his palm before my puppy sad eyes!

I tearfully watched as my pearls, my beautiful set of gleaming white pearls, spilled out onto his eager hand as he whistled his triumphant find!

Now my heart really plummeted!

The greedy, unscrupulous bastard, he had now taken everything with any value that I owned from my figure and our bedroom!

Then he added his insult to the already deep injury

Leaning over me, looking at me dead in the eye while laying one of his pawing hands alongside my cheek…

“Been ever so nice doing business with you, luv… And Don’t feel bad about them pearls Missy, most of em fall for that trick!”

He smirked while as he stuffed my pearls roughly inside his pocket, then he slid his fingers along my shoulder and down my tied-up arm as I twitched, wallowing in misery...!!

“Where did you come from?”

Irrationally tried to asked, again my words muffled by the gag!

He was watching me struggle to speak...

And once again he read my thoughts and answered my unspoken question...

“Followed you from the hotel now didn’t we!”

he said mysteriously as he put on a houndstooth sport jacket…

My head was spinning as I tried to make some sense of what he was saying!


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