Midnight Occurrence at the Lakefront Cottage

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The Absconding Escape

As I tried to make sense of it all he had wasted no time escaping with all our finery. He hurried out of the bedroom door, closing it,

I could hear feet rapidly going up the stairs, then the kitchen door finally slamming shut.

That seemed to do the trick, breaking me out of my trance!

Squirming, I managed to quickly undo my tied wrists: silk does not make for solid knots, but then he probably knew that!

It was as I untied my gag, that I coldly realized I had not actually seen a pistol.

I looked down on the ground, and quivered in anger,

There at my feet lay, my small curling iron. The bastard had picked that up from the dressing stand, had by sticking that against me as a ploy, had me believing he had had a weapon…

“Twit!” I said admonishing myself

Rising, I found my feet had ‘fallen asleep’, and so I hobbled upstairs to the front room with its’ view over the dock stairs and landing!

Skirting the couch, I went to the window and looked down.

Thinking I should open a window and warn her if she was still sitting there on the bench waiting for my return!

She was, still looking over towards the small island!

But, too late, I saw him heading down the stairs to the landing.

Then I placed a hand to my mouth, gulping as he reached the landing!

The lady on the bench rose, diamonds and emeralds rippling a sparkling riot of fire along with around her wrist, as she walked up to join him, hugging!

She was in on it, had planned this, had set me up in their fiendishly evil trap!

She must have been coming down to wait and meet up with her partner once he was done burgling the cottage bedrooms!

Then she had spied me surprisingly alone, all dressed up just there by myself!

What a sweetly plump jewelled lamb I must have looked under her wolffish gaze.

All she had to do was simply figure out a way to get this shimmering bird to go alone into the house where her partner was busy looting the bedrooms of guests staying there, taking their jewels and other valuables!

And she had decided the ones I had been wearing were to be added into that loot!

She must have been laughing at how easy it had been to coerce me into walking alone into that trap!

Shuddering I watched with falling heart, as arm in arm, the scoundrels turned a corner!

Soon a punt appeared, with him earnestly rowing away from them both away!

I had my hand to my waist as I watched, then with icy cold revelation, suddenly I realized that my sash was gone!

I looked down, with it the also was gone the brilliantly shimmering broach he had promised not to touch, but he had not promised to not touch my sash!

The cold jellied eel-like turd had done it as he had been patting me down, distracting me by the way he had been pawing and groping along with my satiny clad figure!

Then, while behind me, fondling me to distraction, his eyes were on another prize!

He flagrantly had white lied to me and untied the sash, unnoticed by me, had slipped it off from around my waist.

No wonder he had appeared to be so thoroughly loving his work!

He was loving the broach he was stealing!

Damn fool I am

I placed a hand to my neck, ears, looked down wrist and fingers. Confirming that all of my pretty jewels were gone, going away with the thief as he escaped with his bulging pockets!!

I again felt my waistline, hoping I was wrong!

I wasn’t!!!

“Never trust a bloody pisser of a thief!”

I thought sarcastically as I watched the pair of ’em disappearing into the mist that was rising on the evil appearing black water of the lake, rowing past the lake small island!

From the fleeing punt, I caught one last sparkle from the sinister lady’s emerald earrings…

My hand again went to my mouth, gasping in horror.

For it suddenly, clearly, it occurred to me...

The emeralds/diamond jewellery she was wearing?

The lady not been wearing any jewellery, when she first approached me at the party!

A cold, tardy realization, finally pierced through the fog of my memory!

They were from the collection of my Aunt’s emerald jewellery that my younger cousin had thrown a tantrum to be allowed to wear!

The cretins must have surreptitiously trapped her as they had trapped me!

In my mind’s eye, I briefly had a picture of how easy it would have been to stoke the vain ego of my overly dressed, flashy jewelled young cousin, with her upper levels typically arrogant manner, in order to get her to willingly, literally be played into their hands!!!

No wonder she had disappeared towards the end of the reception.

No one had really been paying her any heed that evening!

Was she tied and gagged up somewhere, in the woods maybe!

It was then I finally found my tongue and screamed the alarm as I turned to go and rescue my younger cousin.

And in doing so, I backed up, tripping and then free-falling onto the couch!

My screams again were muffled as I struggled to rise back up!

Something was again holding me down on the couch!


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The Awakening

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