Midnight Occurrence at the Lakefront Cottage

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The Awakening

I woke myself up as I was screaming, soon realizing that I was face down on the couch, tangled in the bloody satin warp that I had used as a blanket.

The house was now again eerily silent…..

I looked around as the fog lifted and my mind was able to think clearly.

I had fallen asleep on the couch.

What a twit, the whole thing had been a dream, no not quite a dream, but a bloody nightmare!


It wasn’t the summer wedding, it was fall, and I was alone at the cottage

I was damp with sweat, my cheeks streaked with the tears as I had struggled in my sleep.

My chest still was heaving as I sought to catch my breath.

There had been no robbery,

Only in my mind, using a hodgepodge of memories: from the wedding, along with occurrences from this very evening mixed in with the role-playing games of thievery my twin and I have played!

There had been the two-party crashers of course, but they scurried off when confronted… Just a couple keen trying, on a lark, something they had seen in a movie on the telly.

Also, on top of all that, still being dressed up, appeared to have been added to the subconscious mix, in helping to create the realness of what I had dreamed up in my nightmare!

So a fair collection of my dark thoughts, desires and scary movies I have watched, all took root in my sleep, taking a dark flight with my dreams of fancy that night!


Finally, fully awake and free of the sating wrap, I rose...

I felt along my throat, wait a minute my necklace was gone.

Chilled I looked around at my feet.

There it was on the floor; it had fallen off in my sweaty struggles with my gowns matching blue wrap!

I stretched, went downstairs to the basement bedroom I was meaning to sleep in, the very same one where the majority of my night terror had taken place!

Dressing for bed, loop-lolly half asleep, I put on my purple slip I was using for pj’s

As I had lifted my pillow to get it, I smiled for the first time, knowing that I had indeed hidden my pearls underneath while I had slept there for the wedding.

Those pearls were now safe back at my flat, not in a thief’s pocket!

Said flat had better not be burgled by a bloke wearing houndstooth before I returned on Tuesday!

I sat on the bed, watched my reflection in the long mirror on the back of the door, as I went deep into thought.

Suddenly a question popped in my head and I went over to the dresser and pulled open the bottom drawer.

Lifting some lingerie, I saw with relief, that the rhinestone band my cousin had worn at her rehearsal dinner was still where she had left it after we had come back from the rehearsal dinner.

I turned and look over at the bed…

Realizing I could not sleep, for the thoughts of my dream so fresh, so real, and so demanding to be written down!

“Buggers I swore”

Placing a thin black robe over my purple slip nightgown, I went back upstairs from the basement.

It was 3 am!

In the study, I made a mixed drink. Taking it I went back into the living room, sitting down again upon the couch to collect my wits as I marvelled that it indeed had only been a rather intriguingly wicked dream!

A very real one!

And, so then I, of course, me being me, was compelled to take notes of my night terror before the last vestiges drifted off, as I was then unable to sleep in the empty cottage anyways!

So the long and short is that from those notes taken from that night terror, along with some artistic license, was risen this dream inspired tale!


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