The Gathering

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Chapter 11

“How long does it take to find a bloody stone!” The thunderous shout fills the war room as the warlords bicker amongst themselves. Zeus and the others ridiculed Ares’ failure to locate the stone, but Ares pointed out their mistake as well.

Zeus, Hades, and Hera promise their lord that they would hunt down the elusive three, yet their actions beard no reward. The tension in the air reached a boiling point, but all that was silence as the war rooms doors thrust open.

Entering was a hooded man wearing a Corinthian helmet and wielding a crescent moon staff. He stood five feet and had pale skin. His eyes were pearl white, and they could be seen in the darkroom. Seating himself at the head of the table, he calmly spoke to the horde. It was entirely unnatural for him.

“Why do my wolves fight amongst themselves? What is the reason for this?” His soft mannerism made everyone feel uneasy. No one dared to say anything. With one reply, he answers the question for them.

“The blame for the stone disappearance and failure to find the seven is not the fault of one man. But the fault of all. You are all to blame for our current situation.”

He pauses before continuing. “I would expect my wolves to hunt as one, yet it seems all want to be Alpha. Let me remind you all. I am the Alpha. I am Omega. Nothing happens unless I deem it so. This will be the last time it shall never be repeated. Understood?”

All the warlord’s gulp and nod in unison.

Smiling, he places his elbows onto the table, hands over each other. “Then let us all begin. Lord Ares, what do you have to report?”

“My lord Kairos, My men are still...searching for the stone. We believe it to be hidden somewhere in the village. Rest assured, you will have it back.”

“I do hope so, lord Ares, for your sake. We wouldn’t want to be turned back into stone, correct?” Ares shakes his head. Satisfied, Lord Kairos turns his attention to Zeus.

“I hear you and your Valkyries have found the locations of the newly arrived humans?”

“That is correct, my lord,” said Lord Zeus. “We were able to create a map of their locations from us. I then asked lord Ares to send some men to find and kill them.”


“We have had no word, my lord.” Kairos lets out a humph and slams his fist on the table. The heavy thud jerked the table and startled the others. Kairos was starting to get angry.

“If I hear one more bad report, someone is going to die.”

The other lords began to look at each other nervously, wondering who was going to speak next. However, before anyone else said a word, the doors of the war room opened again, and it entered a Valkyrie. She was panting hard and did a quick salute before giving her report.

“My lords and ladies, I bring words that we have located and made contact with humans. Freya was attacked and taken captive. I count two of them, both armed.”

Kairos leans over the table. “Can you describe them?”

“Both were male. One Spartan, the other Roman. They appear to have the location of the others, my lordship.” A gasp fills the room. “How is that possible, only Ares men have the map.” Zeus was perplexed by this information.

“That leads into my next point, sir,” the Valkyrie said. “I suspect lord Ares men were ambushed before they reached the forest. That is how they acquired the map. From our observations, they are four miles away from the misty bog and cave of Aquarius; both areas speculated to be where the other humans are hiding.”

“Knowing the humans, they’ll probably want to interrogate their captive. Are you confident in your Valkyries loyalties?” questioned Hades. Zeus glares at the horned man.

“My Valkyries would die before ever giving up any information. Which gives us time to send men out there and quickly finish them off.” Karios was pleased with this information. With the humans having the map, his soldiers could follow them and strike a fatal blow to end this rebellion.

“Lord Hades, you shall assist Lord Zeus in hunting down these humans. Your Nightmares and Lord Zeus Valkyries will intercept them before they arrive at either location. Once you have found them, kill them and bring me back their heads. We will bring a swift end to this once and for all. Now go!”

Lord Zeus and Hades salute before leaving the war room. Kairos then turns his attention back to the remaining lords.

“Well, what are you all still doing here? Get out and FIND MY STONE!!” The lords and ladies quickly exited the room, leaving only Kairos and the Valkyrie behind.

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