The Gathering

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Chapter 15

“Why is this happening to me,” said Lord Kairos. After his generals left, he went back to his meditation room, where he found himself in deep internal conflict. He often goes to his room to find inner peace, but this time all he feels is conflict and rage.

Grasping the Crescent Scepter, he instead concentrates on finding the stone. Kneeling peacefully in his dimly lit room, Kairos empties his mind and transports his conscience inward. He uses his power of time manipulation to think back on when he last had the stone. As the mystical ruler reflects inward, he feels a disturbance.

One far older than him. He opens his eyes and looks around the room, but finds it is only him. Then he feels the presence again, right behind him. Tightening his grip on the staff, he turns around and swings the magical weapon hoping to hit his intruder. Shockingly, he hits nothing but emptiness.

“You are perceptive,” said a voice. The bewildered rulers look around his chamber but find no one. Then the voice speaks again.

“You are losing your hold, my lord.” Kairos begins to concentrate on the identity of the unknown speaker. After listening, a cloak projection appears before him. To his surprise, it was him—the first Lord of Time.

“Still alive, I see, I thought your kind went extinct a millennia ago.” The projection laughs at Kairos’ comment. As he lowers his scepter, he asks why he had come. The projection explains his reasons.

“My spies tell me that you have lost the stone to the Chroni. And here I thought you were a worthy successor.” Kairos glares at the projection, but it doesn’t faze him.

“Do not be so confident, Serpent, my generals will find the stone soon. And with it back in my possession, the chroni will cease to exist. I promise you that.” The projection appears unimpressed by Kairos’ solution. But it is what he expects from the “false” ruler. Thus he offers his solution to Kairos.

“I hope you deal with this issue at hand, or else my army would miss the fun.” This catches Kairos’ attention. Did he say army?

“Yes, that is correct. My armies are now en route to your world as we speak. They will be here soon.” Anger burns in Kairos’ eyes. How dare this Serpent send his armies to his domain.

“We had a deal, Serpent!” His shout echoed throughout the chambers. The projection remains calm, but its tone turns dark.

“Did you honestly think I would allow you to rule my world? Your years of incompetence, combined with your countless failures of the past, prove that you are unfit to rule. Your spirit may be immortal, but your body is human. Soon it will fade, and with it, your host and we both know without a host, you will fade into oblivion.”

Kairos feels his anger reach new heights. He does his best to quench his fury.

“I will retrieve the stone, and once I have my powers again, I will decimate your armies. You will lose everything, just like you did before.” This last statement jabs at the projection.

With a low growl, the image vanishes, leaving Kairos in his chamber again alone. Concerned over the troubling news, he orders in a foot soldier inside. Pushing the marble doors open, the foot soldier bows before his ruler.

“Any word of the location of the stone?” He hopes for pleasant news. Any more surprises would be devastating for the soldier, that is. The soldier arises and reports back.

“My lord, our spies have located the new arrivals. They plan to head east to the village.”

“The village?”

“Yes, my lord. It seems the stone is there. Right underneath our noses.” Hearing this brought a smile to the Kairos face. He gives the soldiers new orders to send out a patrol to the village and recover the stone.

When asking about the villagers, Kairos tells him to have the entire settlement set ablaze and the inhabitants put to the sword.

“Leave no survivors.” As the soldier leaves with the order, Lord Kairos sits on his throne in the war room. He rubs his weary brow and lets out a deep sigh of frustration.

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