The Gathering

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Chapter 16

After spending a night in the bog, the four travelers make the treacherous journey eastward. They marched through running rivers and traversed over fallen timber, yet pushed on. Sparrow was at the head of the party while Avalon covered their rear. With both men in charge of protection, it gave the two females a time to connect and learn about their respective cultures. It turns out the Celt and the Viking have similar interests. While the two ladies talk amongst themselves, Avalon makes sure they are not followed. With every step they take, they move further into Lord Kairos’s realm. The last thing they need is an ambush.

“Guardian, what can you tell me of Sparrow?” whispers Avalon.

“Young hunter, he is a human, from a previous summoning.”

“Previous? There were more?”

“Yes, young hunter, long before you were born, there were many. Now there are only three from his time, but I cannot trace their location.”

“That means they could be dead,” said Avalon

“Perhaps,” said the stone. “Or they remain hidden. It is unclear.” While everyone focused on other things, Sparrow stopped in his tracks. This breaks the girls out of their conversation and Avalon from his thoughts.

“Why did you stop?” asked Tyra. Sparrow points out they had exited the woods and are now in the badlands before them was an ocean of flowing prairie grass and roaming hills.

“Where do we go next?” Sparrow explains to them that only a few days away is a nearby village. There they will get their answers. Just then, Avalon picks up a faint sound. He was the only one that could hear it.

As he focuses on it, the sound becomes more apparent. He is then able to pick out distinct sounds. Marching boots

“The village is in trouble. We have a large patrol heading towards the village” Everyone looks at the hunter in bewilderment. How can he hear from this distance?

“Are you positive?” said Sparrow. The hunter nods his head. Without hesitation, the Mohawk starts running in the direction of the village. Not wanting to be left being, Avalon, Tyra, and Cynbel follow him in the toe. Coincidentally, on the opposite side of the prairie, Richard, Mori, Decimus, and Amyntas were also going in the same direction. It was now a race to see who would get to the village first before the patrol.


The village that everyone is going towards is at the heart of the badlands and is merely a large settlement inhabited by the land’s indigenous people, the Chronos. Though they look like humans and share similar features such as tan skin and average height, they share vast differences. Some of these differences are their use of magic and their distinctive crescent tattoos and silver eyes.

In the beginning, there were many. Now they are the last village that has survived the many purges issued by Lord Kairos. The village itself was a small size fort encompassed by wooden walls 30 feet high and two sentry towers also made of wood. One of the sentries looks out at one tower and sees a cloud of dust approaching the village. To his dismay, it was the patrol. The sentry rings the alarm bell, warning those inside that danger is coming.

The villagers all get their belongings and rush back into their homes to hide. In a matter of minutes, the soldiers entered the village and walked towards the elder’s chamber. There they gather up the Chronos leaders and take them to the center of the village. An enemy captain shouts at the top of his lungs, his voice vibrating off the homes’ walls.

“Alright, this is your last chance! Surrender the stone or your elders die!” One soldier presses his sword tip at one elder’s neck. Minutes passed, and still, no one answered the call. Chuckling, the Captain grabs one of the elders and drags him across the floor. He then pins the older man to the ground and raises his sword to kill him.

“First, he dies, then you all will die!” Just as he is about to strike the elder, the sound of a spear thrown in the air lands only a feet inches from the Captain’s feet. Taken aback, he looks at the entrance of the village and sees two figures slowing approaching.

“Let them go,” says one of the figures. Soldiers rushed to the side of their Captain, who was slightly angry.

“Who dares interfere!” shouts the enemy captain. As the figures get closer, one soldier makes out the images. The Captain’s eyes widen, and he sees two earthlings, two champions of earth approach him.

As the dust settles around them, all goes quiet in the village. No sound was said or heard. Just then, the Captain breaks the silence and begins laughing wickedly.

“Well, look who we have here, earthlings. The ‘saviors’ of this world. It looks like we’re in for it now, boys.” All the soldiers began to laugh in unison as they felt they had the upper hand since there were many, and the champions were two.

“Leave this place or die,” Amyntas said, gripping his sword tightly. Decimus already unsheathed his sword and prepared for combat.

“You’re crazy, my friends, you are alone and outnumbered. No chance.” The Captain soon orders his men to get into formation very similar to the Greeks.

“They may be outnumbered, but they are not alone,” says a voice to the Captain’s left. As he turns his head, he sees Sparrow with Cynbel, Tyra, and Avalon, who also arrived. Laughing again, the Captain taunts the newcomers.

“I don’t think four earthlings and a Wendigo makes a difference here.”

“Then how about seven,” said another voice. Turning his head to the right, the Captain sees Mori and Richard both ready for a fight. He then realizes that he was surrounded.

Eyes burning with anger, he roars to charge, and soon the groups are divided into thirds to fight the earthlings. All eight warriors prepared for battle, and those inside their homes heard the sounds of fighting outside. Many close their eyes and try to block out the noise while others lock themselves in cellars with their families. Everyone waited to see who would win.

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