The Gathering

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Chapter 17

As the soldiers engaged the eight warriors, the captain grabbed one of the elders and placed a sword against the older man’s throat. All around him, he saw his men fight champions, trying to keep them out. In front of him, the Spartan and Roman made a small shield wall and advanced, bashing and hacking their way to the center.

To his left, the Sparrow and Avalon chopped down their enemies while Tyra and Cynbel rushed head-on into the massive group of his men. He then sees the Viking throwing his men around and breaking their bodies like old pieces of wood. Then to his right, the knight and samurai use their crossbows and muskets to kill the soldiers before they even get close. It was a bloodbath.

Soon they would surround him. Panicking, he attempts to slit the man’s throat only to have an arrow embed itself in his back. The shot came from Richard. As the captain falls, he realizes that all of his men are dead, except for him. Trying to crawl away, he gets his leg pin to the ground by Mori’s spear.

He scrambles frantically to escape, but all he could do was watch Sparrow approach and kneel to face the captain. The Mohawk saw the fear in the captain’s eyes. Sparrow then removes the captain’s helmet and places a steel knife over his head. In one swift motion, he scalps the enemy soldier and leaves him for dead. Afterward, Sparrow meets his two old friends, Richard and Mori, while Amyntas and Decimus help the elders get back up.

A little while later, the residents come out of their homes and look to see the enemy soldiers all dead and the earthlings alive. Soon all the villagers rush to their heroes and fall to their knees praising them. The Celt, Roman, Spartan, and Viking were confused at this gesture, and the villagers soon stopped at the behest of one of the elders.

“Thank you for saving us,” says one of the elders. The villagers then stand up and gather up the enemy soldiers and dispose of them outside the gates. Decimus bows to the elder as do the others.

“You are welcome, my lords, but we don’t know why these men wanted to kill your people?” Avalon steps in. “They were sent by Lord Kairos to find the stone and kill everyone here if they refused.” Amyntas gives a puzzled look to the foreigner.

“How do you know this?” He explains to them that his sonic hearing was able to pick up the patrol sound as they entered the Outlands.

One of the elder’s gestures to their saviors to come into the temple. As they enter, they are amazed at what they saw. All around them were white, marble walls decorated with the armor and weapons of past champions: from Egyptians to Aztecs, Mongols, Turks, Parthians, Zulus, etc. The four newcomers could not believe what they were seeing.

Then the earthlings, accompanied by Avalon, are told to come to the head of the temple. They approach some small steps and sit at the very top. However, Sparrow and his friends sat with the elders and the rest of the people.

“You all have many questions, one of them being why you are here?”

“How did you know?” asks Cynbel

“You are not the first of your kind we have encountered before,” says one elder. All four look back at the walls and then at the three warriors sitting with the Chronos. Avalon looks at the holy place as well. He clutched his medallion and waited eagerly to learn more from the elders.

“The first question we want to be answered is, who is Lord Kairos, and why does he want this stone so much? Did this stone summon us?” said Amyntas. One of the elders chuckled and cleared his throat before replying.

“Before you learn about Kairos, you all need to know the story of an American professor who came to our lands centuries ago named Archibald Hamilton.”

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