The Gathering

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Chapter 22

As they leave, Decimus sees the silhouettes of two bodies at the village gates. The Roman rushes over to the entrance, only to stop at the horrid sight. Not far behind, Tyra catches up to him.

“Decimus, what is it? What do you…By the Gods!” She puts a hand over her mouth in sheer horror at what she saw. They were the partial eat bodies of the boy’s parents, courtesy of Ares. The father’s skull was smashed open and covered in vicious bite marks. His organs were utterly exposed, and his lower half was gone.

The mother fared no better and was missing both arms, back wholly ripped open and face unrecognizable. It was a grotesque sight. Already the bodies were attracting flies. Soon everyone saw what was at the entrance. Avalon slowly approaches the bodies and inspects them carefully.

“Well, what happened?” said Tyra. The hunter let out a deep sigh. “The bodies are recent. I suspect this took place only a few hours ago. Judging from the wounds, these were made by Ares hounds, no mistaking it. It seems the couple were taken by surprise and were still alive when they were...,” Avalon pauses, trying to hold back his next few words. “Being eaten alive.” The villager’s gasps in shock. There was no end to Kairos’ savagery.

“Anything else,” Decimus said in a soft tone. Even after living here all his life, he could not get over the deaths of the innocent. Avalon searches the body and finds a bloody note deeply pin on the back. Removing the dagger, he inspected the letter.

“Just a little incentive to remind you what will happen to everyone else, including the sage, if you do not bring the stone to Castle Olympus. You have only a few hours to decide how many more must die.”

Now everyone was worried. Dawn was nearly upon them, and the Castle was almost five miles away. Realizing they were out of options, Amyntas decided to enact phase to of his plan. He gathers everyone to the main hall.

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