The Gathering

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Chapter 23

“I take it you have a plan, Spartan?” said one of the elders. Once everyone was, the young spartan explained the rest of his plan.

“Now that we have the stone, I plan to use its power to recite the mantra to bring Alexander’s wife. From there, we devise a plan to storm the castle, confront Kairos, free Alexander and kill the tyrant,” said Amyntas. His plan seemed straightforward, except there was one problem; they had no mage to do the summoning.

The Spartan said he could read the mantra since the book and its writings mirrored after the Greek alphabet. It’s a huge gamble, but the elders decided to risk it. One of the elders sends a civilian to recover the book. After a few minutes, he comes back with the book in hand. It was still wrapped together with its leather cover. Handing the book to Amyntas, he searches through the pages to find the incantation section.

Finally, his fingers find a page turned over in the book, unfolding it, he reads the words ξόρκι translating to incantation. His eyes search the page for the right spell and then locks eyes with the right spell: κλήση ξόρκι or summoning spell. Taking a deep breath, he looks up and pans his head around the room. Everyone was waiting for what may happen.

“Here goes nothing,” says Amyntas and begins to recite the summoning spell.

“Uε τη δύναμη του φεγγαριού, διατάζω τη Μαργαρίτα Χάμιλτον να εμφανιστεί μπροστά μας” (By the power of the moon, I order Margaret Hamilton to appear before us). Suddenly the books begin to glow the same bluish color and soon become hot.

As the book falls to the floor, a flash of blinding white light fills the room. Everyone shields their eyes from the blinding light coming from the book. While covering the eye slits on his helmet, the Spartan could make out the slight shadow of a figure emerging from the pages.

Could it be her? After several minutes, the light begins to fade from the room, and everyone lowers their hands. Emerging from the pages stood a woman in her mid-forties with curly brown hair and slight freckles on her cheeks. Her eyes were a grayish color, and her skin was a creamy white. She wore a simple dress with red heel shoes. In her arms was a satchel bag containing graded papers and books. As her eyes begin to refocus again, she looks around the room.

“Where am I. Who are you people?”

Amyntas steps forward, removes his helmet, and extends his hand to her. “Margret Hamilton, we need your help.”

For the past half hour, Amyntas and the others spent time explaining to Margaret of their situation. The academic was hesitant to believe them until one of the elders brought a picture of Alexander and her from his things. She was taken aback by this picture as she has not seen her husband for many years now. After showing her the picture, Margret places a hand on her forehead, as if trying to comprehend all the information given to her.

“I know this is a lot to take in at the moment, but we need your help to save your husband,” said Amyntas. The woman asked the Spartan to give her a moment. She needs time to process these new revelations. Decimus came up and patted the Spartan on the back.

“Looks like your gamble paid off.” The young man chuckled. “The gamble is only half complete. We may have summoned her here; now, we need to know if the rest of the plan will work.”

Margret then looks back at the group and clears her throat to get their attention. “Let me make sure I have everything correct. You tell me that my husband is still alive and possessed by the spirit of a god and has been here this whole time in this world. Furthermore, you plan to go to this fortress in the mountains, use me to free my husband, allowing you to kill the “pantheon,” free the people and go back to our times and live our lives to our dying days correct?”

“That is a condensed version, but yes, that is the plan.” Decimus was trying to see if she was being serious in her talk or being sarcastic. Margret let out a sigh of exhaustion. “OK, just checking for details.”

“So, are you going to help us or not?” asked Cynbel. Margret looks up at the young Celt and slightly glares at her.

“My, aren’t you blunt.” Cynbel shrugs her shoulder, saying it is a valid question. Margret takes a seat on a nearby bench and plumps down. Avalon kneels and cups her hands.

“I know this is difficult to understand, and you have so many questions. But right now, time is of the essence, and we need your assistance now. In time we will tell you everything, but right now we need your answer. Please help us, Margret.”

The room was silent. None said a word. All eagerly waited for Mrs. Hamilton’s answer. Looking down at her ring, she sees Archibald and Margaret engraved on the sides. Letting out a slight huff, she agrees to help them. All cheered in joy while the seven gave their thanks to Margaret. Now with Margret’s aide, the heroes had to come up with a convincing plan to get into the castle.

Just then, Richard, Mori, and Sparrow made their way inside. Tyra and Avalon greeted the trio.

“What’s going on in here?” said Mori.

“Amyntas did it. He brought back Margret Hamilton.” Richard gives a surprising look on his face.

“I’ll be damn. He did it.” Getting settled, Richard takes a seat next to a young boy. Looking at him, the young boy screams and runs over to the other heroes.

“Boy, what is wrong?” said Cynbel.

“Murderer,” the boy said, pointing at Richard.

“No, that’s Richard. He’s one of us. A hero.”

“No, he killed my parents.” Cynbel could see the anguish on the boy’s face. The commotion soon gets the attention of everyone else.

“What’s going on here?” said Decimus. Looking at Richard, he slightly glares at him.

“The boys hysterical,” said Richard. He then walks over to Amyntas.

“Looks like you did it, Spartan. You did it.” The Englishman then asks to see the stone. Before he gives it to him, Amyntas noticed that Richard was missing his knife.

“Wheres your knife Richard?” asked the Spartan. Richard rummages through his person.

“Funny, it seems I’ve lost it.” Amyntas pulls out the knife they found moments ago.

“Where did you find it?” Richard asked.

“In the body of a Chroni couple, with a note attached to it,” said the Spartan. The Englishman grimaced.

“Where did you guys go?” asked Amyntas.

“I told you all, covering our tracks. Are you accusing me of something?” said Richard. His hand was slowly moving towards his sword.

“Avalon, come here,” said the Spartan. The hunter walks over to them.

“That medallion of yours, can it tell if someone is lying or not?” Avalon nods head.

“This is an outrage; you accuse me of lying and murder. I have been here fighting for these people for years. They can attest to that,” Richard shouts.

“If you are telling the truth, then why did the boy scream at you.”

“He’s in shock maybe. His parents did just die a moment ago. Their wounds are still fresh.” This is the moment Amyntas was looking for.

“I never said when the parents died. How do you know they died a moment ago.” Everyone looks at Richard. Richard glared at the spartan.

Just then, there is a slight click sound in the room. Amyntas turns his head and sees Mori aiming his rifle at him.

“Give him the stone spartan,” said the Samurai. Decimus and Tyra draw their swords. Sparrow notched an arrow at them, followed by Cynbel and Avalon drawing their blades at the Mohawk.

The villagers were scared and confused. Amyntas looks back at Richard.

“What the hell is going on?”

“It did not have to be like this. Just hand me the stone, and this could be all over.” Amyntas places the stone in his pouch and grabs his shield. Richard shakes his head and lets out a sigh.

“Then, this planet will be your grave. NOW!!!” Then, bursting through the roof and the walls emerged Valkyries, black priests and wolves, undead hell-spawns, and other nightmare creatures.

It was an ambush.

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