The Gathering

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Chapter 28

Thanks to his renewed strength, Amyntas was able to reach the outskirts of the old arena in just two hours. Taking a much-needed rest, he set down his gear and Cynbel on the sand. He makes several deep breaths in and out to recover.

Just then, Cynbel starts to wake up. She slowly opens her eyes and looks at the young spartan. Then she notices that they had made it to the area. Cynbel was dumbfounded.

“How the hell?” Cynbel asked.

“I carried you,” Amyntas said.

“You carried me, and all of our supplies by yourself? That’s impossible,” she said.

“For a Spartan, nothing is impossible,” he stated.

“I guess so.” The young Celt turns her head in the direction of the arena. She was impressed by the level of detail, despite still being several yards away.

“So, that is the place?” she asked.

“So it seems,” he replied. Getting up to his feet, he grabbed his shield and tossed over Cynbel’s gear. The young Celt grabbed her sword and tied it around her belt. With both warriors situated, they continued their journey towards the arena.

Making their way down a massive dune, they noticed the sand around and near the area was a different color. Almost blood-like. As they neared one of the entrances, they heard the sound of soldiers approaching. They then quickly took shelter behind a fallen stone. Here, the tow warriors listened to the soldier’s conversation.

“I cannot believe this rebellion will be over soon,” said one soldier.

“I still can’t believe that human Richard betrayed his friends,” said the other.

“I’m not surprised; after all, he did the same thing with his other group years ago. During the final raid on the old saurian stronghold, I heard he killed them amidst the chaos, save for his two friends, the Mohawk, and the samurai.”

“I also heard that he still has not told them the truth, saying that they were killed by friendly fire, can you believe that?” Just then, the soldiers are ordered to stand watch and quit talking. As the soldiers went back to guard duty, Amyntas and Cynbel were horrified.

“Did you hear that?” asked the spartan. Cynbel nods her head. Not only was Richard a traitor, but a murder as well. This gave even more cause for Amyntas to kill him.

“We got to find a way in,” Cynbel whispered.

“I don’t see any other openings,” replied Amyntas. Cynbel then tapped the spartan on his shoulder and showed him that there as an opening, east of the area. Popping their heads to over to see any guards, the two quietly made their way to the entrance.

Upon reaching it, they noticed their entrance was a tunnel that led into a chamber of sorts. Going inside, they found themselves what appeared to be a big training hall. All around them were statues of alien warriors, some more human the others.

“Looks like we entered a memorial of some kind,” said Cynbel.

“Check this out,” said Amyntas. In front of the Spartan were three figures joined together. Unlike the others in the room, these three, in particular, stood in unison and held something very familiar.

“Amyntas, is that...the moonstone?” asked Cynbel. Upon further inspection, it was indeed the moonstone. Just then, Amyntas looks down at the ancient plaque on the memorial.


“Xion? Kalvan? Ja Gan? These are the names Avalon told us back at the village. This is a shrine dedicated to them,” said the Spartan.

“Looks to be old. Very old,” replied Cynbel. Though they wanted to know more, they had a job to do. Leaving the shrine, they then entered a large hallway that led inside the arena grounds. As they cautiously made their way closer, they began to hear voices.

The voices grew louder and more distinct with each step. Just before entering the area grounds, the two warriors hid behind opposite sides of the entrance. From here, they were able to make out the voices. It was Richard and Ares, the Leader of the Pantheon.

“I trust you have the stone, Richard. My lord Kairos has grown impatient,” said Ares.

“Tell your wizard king that I have his prize, and that I expect to see you fulfill his end of the bargain,” said Richard.

Yes, passage home in exchange for the stone. I am well aware of our agreement,” replied Ares.

As the two discussed the terms of their arrangement, Amyntas and Cynbel planned their attack.

“What should we do?” said Cynbel. Amyntas peeks his head around the wall.

“We need to get that stone from them.”

“Any ideas?” said the young Celt. The Spartan did have one, but it was risky.

“We have to jump them now. Kill Ares and Richard and get stone.”

“What then? We fight our way out?” asked Cynbel.

“We’ll figure it out. We must act now.” Knowing it was now or never, the two crept into the area. Just then, there is a loud voice in the air.

“NOW!” Just then, the entrance behind them closes. The stadium seats above them soon fill with Ares’s men, each armed with crossbows. Down in the area floor, a couple of dozen soldiers arrive and surround the two earthlings.

As Amyntas and Cynbel stand back to back, all heard the sound of hands clapping. They came from Richard. Making way, the Englishmen approached his “friends.” He pinched the center of his brow and chuckled.

“You must be truly desperate if you traveled all this way, only to die in this area.”

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