The Gathering

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Chapter 40

“Return to me what is mine!” shouted the specter, blasting the heroes with energy bolts. They take cover behind the pillars.

“How many times do we have to kill this bastard?” shouted Mori.

“It seems Kairos no longer needs a host body to survive, he has manifest his own,” said the mage.

“Impressive, now hoe do we kill him,” said Tyra.

“I don’t know,” said the mage. Honestly, the mage never expected this from Kairos. He truly underestimated him.

“Surely, there must be a way?” said Decimus.

“The staff,” said Amyntas. Decimus looks down at the weapon.

“The staff is dead. It has no power Amyntas,” replied the roman.

“Then let us take it back,” said Amyntas.

“What are you getting at,” said Richard. The Spartan quickly explained that Kairos was now made of pure energy, and they already had a plan to seal him away in the stone. They can use Kairos’s power against him. In essence, a vacuum.”

“Hell of a plan, but one problem. The stone can only take so much energy. I’m not sure your body can withstand any excess,” said the mage. Amyntas said they had to try. Letting out a deep breath, he leaves his cover and faces once more the tyrant. Kairos hovers down to meet him.

“Give me my stone,” said the spirit.

“It is now your to have,” said the Spartan.


“Wrong. You used Archibald to achieve those things. You used him for your nefarious ways.”

“I gave him everything he wanted. I offered him his utopia, his perfect world, and it still was not enough!” Amyntas could feel the energy radiating off of Kairos.

“You may have given him what he wanted, but never what he needed.”

“Then, I will give you all a much-needed grave!” Kairos charges up an enormous amount of energy. He then releases it at the Spartan with full force. Amyntas thrust the staff at the incoming energy blast. To everyone’s surprise, as soon as the energy touched the staff’s top head, the moonstone activated and began absorbing. Now it was a battle of will.

Everyone peaked their heads around the corner and watched the battle of dominance unfold. Kairos began unleashing even more power to overwhelm the human. As for Amyntas, he was doing alright for the most part. However, just as the mage said, the stone could only take so much.

Soon little ripples of bluish energy began entering the Spartans body. It felt like getting hit by small lighting bolts. Despite the shocks, Amyntas kept going strong. Suddenly, the spartan notices small cracks emerging from the staff. Kairos notices this as well and unleashed even more power. Now the Spartan was feeling vibrations all over his body as more lighting striker hit his body. Seeing the Spartan growing weak, Kairos began to taunt the human.

“Did you think you and your champions could win this. Against me? I am Kairos, Destroyer of Empires! You are nothing, but more than a flee, an ant to be crushed under my heel. Above all, you are alone!”

“He’s not alone,” said Decimus. Amyntas looks up and sees the roman place a hand on his shoulder. Decimus smiles, telling the spartan he will take the burden too. Just then, Tyra appears on his other shoulder and does the same. Suddenly, everyone places a hand on each other’s shoulder and share the burden. Then something incredible happened.

Because of their tight bond and their belief in each other, their inner will fix the staff and increased the stone’s absorption power. Soon Kairos was could no longer stop giving energy. He was trapped.

“This is not possible, your all mortals. How?”

“It’s just as you said,” replied Amyntas.

We are the Champions of Earth!” they all said in unison. Just as they finished, Kairos is slowly pulled into the stone. He tries to escape, but the stones pull far too strong for him. With one final NOOOOOOOO, Kairos was fully sealed and locked away in a stone prison.

“Finally, it all over. Like really over,” said Cynbel. The Celt spoke too soon. Suddenly the whole room begins to fall apart. Pillars began to break; floors started to quake, they needed to leave. Just then, the doors behind them burst open. It was Vortiger and Avalon.

“What the hell did you guys do now?” shouted the wendigo.

“Long story, we need to leave.” As they were about to leave, Amyntas stumbles and drops the staff. He tries to reach for it, but his friends told him to leave it behind. Shaking his head, he and the rest of the heroes look for an escape from the crumbling castle. Outside, it was just as worse.

As they ran down the walkway, they avoided falling rubble and debris. As they made their way to the secret entrance, they were shocked to see that the opening was closed off. Now they had no way out. Just when all hope seemed lost, they all heard a familiar roar. It was Garston and his sisters. The Wyverns flew down to the ground below.

“Get on,” said the young Wyvern. Getting on his back, the heroes and their allies narrowly escape the crumbling destruction of Castle Olympus. As they flew higher into the air, Amyntas takes one last look at the castle and curses himself for dropping the staff. Cynbel places a hand on his shoulder.

“There was nothing you could do. Besides, he trapped in there. I doubt there is a way for him to escape,” said the Celt.

“You may be right,” said Amyntas. Even though he lost the staff, the tyrant was gone. The land was finally free. But at a high cost.

Back at the village, everyone anxiously awaited the return of their saviors or their executioners. The elders escorted everyone to the great hall and told them they must have faith that the champions would return. Just then, the doors of the great hall open up. Pushing through was a young wendigo jumping up and down with excitement.

“They are back. They are back!” he said with enthusiasm. Everyone got up and exited the great hall. Making their way outside, they saw five massive figures descending from the sky. They quickly make room and allow the beasts to land. Soon the crowds erupted in cheers and applause. Amyntas quickly silence them with a rise of his hand.

“We have done it. We have beaten Kairos. You are all free. But you should not solely thank us.” He then turns to Margret, who still held her husband in her arms. “This day came at a great cost. Today we lost a great man—a loving husband. And to many, a good friend. There will be time for celebrations, but right now, we need to honor the fallen.”

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