The Gathering

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The Imperial throne room was a bleak and decrepit place. Fire pits surrounded the chamber, and piles of skeletons cluttered near the stairs. This would make anyone feel sick to their stomach; however, many were use to places such as these. One was already walking up the black stone stairway until a deep voice stopped him.

“Who approaches?” said the voice.

“Tis I father,” said a young Wyvern.

“Garston, you have returned from your mission. I trust you were successful.” The young Wyvern bowed before his king before answering.

“Not entirely. I was unsuccessful in my task of killing the king of Nyron. I was wounded as was forced to fulfill a life debt.” His father was not pleased with this news. Garston did, however, have other news that would change the situation.

“However, I was successful in fulling another task. One that has plagued you for some time.”

“Oh? And what would that be?”

“Lord Kairos is dead.” Just then, two massive nostrils appear from the shadows and breath onto Garston.

“Are you positive?” said the king. Garston reached behind his wing and presented his father, the scepter, and red moonstone. Out of the shadows emerged two massive claws as it picks up the small item. Suddenly there is an evil chuckle coming from the darkness.

“Your news pleases me, son. I only wish I could have dealt with him myself.”

“Seems the fates have offered you another chance. The humans sealed Kairos away in that very stone. He is now yours.” Garston suddenly saw a massive toothy smile hidden in the background.

“Excellent work, my son. As a reward for your service today, I will allow you a world to rule on our next conquests. Now please excuse me, I must speak with my old friend.” Garston smiled and bowed before leaving the imperial chambers.

Once alone, the mighty dragon king, Jawzahr, emerged from the darkness. He held the stone close to his eye, and thanks to his keen dragon vision, he was able to see the spirit trapped in his prison. He let out another chuckle before talking evilly into the magical stone.

“Greetings, Lord Kairos, we have much to discuss with you and me.”

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