The Gathering

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Chapter 6

Coughing up sand, Amyntas wakes up in a desert, surrounded by dusty skeletons, jagged rocky slabs, and towering dunes. He tries to get up, but his body is still in pain from the lightning strike. Falling back down, the Spartan removed his helmet and rubbed his aching head. As he looks up, he sees the sky is entirely different.

Instead of blue skies, they were red, and the sun was white instead of bright yellow. Ignoring the pain, Amyntas struggles to get on his feet. Grabbing his spear, he props himself up. Only a few feet from him, his shield shone brightly from the sun. He looked all around him, as far as the eye can see. Scanning the environment around him, he realized he wasn’t in Platea, let alone Greece, so where was he?

“Hello! Can anyone hear me!” he screams at the top of his lungs. His shouts echoed throughout the dessert. Only the sounds of the wind blowing away the sand were all he could hear. He was a stranger in an unknown world, far from home, and not knowing how he got here or how to get back.

Picking up his helmet off of the sand, he dusts it off before putting it back on. Using his spear, he slowly makes his journey out of the desert to find shelter and a place to rest. To his back, he hears the sound of an approaching sandstorm coming his way.

“Must find shelter soon.” Even with the pain, the young spartan continued onward. His training forbids him from ever giving up. Slowly crossing the endless desert sea, Amyntas continued his search. The burning winds blow at his skin, and the coarse sand rubs against his feet. The sun’s heat made his armor hot, and the Spartan could feel himself grow weary by the second.

Yet he continued marching on.

After what seemed like hours, the young soldier finds salvation: a small oasis shield behind two stone slabs. Picking up the pace, Amyntas throws his spear down and falls to his knees and plunges his head into the freshwater. Gulping down, he quenches his thirst and rests his back against a stone slab. He would make camp here for tonight, but he knew he had to press onwards. Removing his helmet, Amyntas closes his eyes and slumbers off, whispering to himself.

“I will survive this.”


The next morning, Amyntas fills his water pouch from the oasis and takes an inventory on whatever rations he has left. Only a few pieces of dried meat and stale bread was all he had left. He would have to make them count if he was going to survive any longer. “Well, back to the sand, it seems.” Gathering his supplies, he continues his trek through the desert.

A few hours after he left the oasis, the spartan could see the outline of something in the distance. He tried to make out what it was, but he was too far away. Running to a nearby dune, he climbs up to get a better view. Once at the top, he got his first view of this new world. Just a few miles from him, he saw the vibrant green of the forest. Beyond that, he could see grasslands and the mountains to the south. To the east, he sees an area covered in dead trees. Wherever he was, it had the eerie feeling of home.

Just then, Amyntas heard the familiar sound of thunder coming over the region. Looking at the clouds, a flash of blue lightning struck all over the valley floor. Its thunderous crackle causes him to lose his footing. Once the lighting stopped, Amyntas began to wonder what was going on. Then he remembers what happened to him, how the lightning struck Platea, and transported him to this world. Perhaps he was not the only one.

“Well, better get down there.”

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