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Noelle has no idea what’s in store for her 19th birthday. Let’s just say that its something epic. Join us as we travel the world of the Avtandil. But of course it wouldn’t be a story without the drama of a mysterious lineage, a love triangle or (rectangle?), rivals from the past and oh of course being part of some great prophecy that could either end or destroy your new beautiful world you just discovered. Oh and to top it all off be leader of a whole tribe of people you don’t even know, yeah that’s always fun. She’s a 19 year old magical being...what could go wrong? Join us for laughter, romance, adventure, and maybe even betrayal? Warning: beginning is slow Also if you see some words you don’t recognize I have used various different languages to write this book. Each word is actually really important to the story. Please attempt to read chapter one even if it isn’t your cup of tea. Please and thank you :)

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1

I felt ice cold water trickle down my face. And to no surprise, I hear the laughter of a sandy haired, green eyed baboon. “Happy Birthday Noe”, Jason wheezed. “You keep laughing then you’ll eventually choke on your own spit”, I fired back. “Yeah, yeah, he smiled as if reading my thoughts. He does that a lot and it bothers me. “I’m just doing the tradition we started back when we were kids”, he smiled that annoyingly cute smile. “ I know but couldn’t you have made it I don’t know...a little more spontaneous?”, I said with a smirk. “Nope, now get up before Rise has a hissy fit”,he demanded. “Ughhhh, happy birthday to me”, I said as disappeared back under the covers. In one swift movement Jason scooped me up and next thing you know I’m up on my feet. “Jesus, fine I’ll get ready, chill”, I pouted. Within fifteen minutes I was racing down the stairs in Jason’s rose undershirt, Rise’s black combat boots, and of course Ty’s camo jacket. What? Their my roommates, they have to expect to have things stole from me, myself and I. “A’ight y’all I’m out”, called. “Be back by 10:00 o’clock sharp, we have a surprise for ya”, Rise called from the kitchen. “Ok, mom your baby will be home around 11:00.” And with that I left to go visit my Dad.

As I unlocked the door to his house, there he was, a cake in hand, and the precious smile he wears whenever it’s my birthday. “There she is,he said, my daughter growing older and more breathtaking every day.” “It’s nice to see you too Dad”, I said through a smile. It were moments like these that made me glad he was here to celebrate with me, to prove he loved me, unlike.... her. He saw my face fall and said “Child you are my everything, I’ll never stop loving you.” With that we nearly finished the cake, cinnamon and almond my favorite. Then right as we were about to watch my favorite movie, he lost were he had put it down and went looking for it. I decided to look through the photo album to see all the memories over the years. They were all beautiful. Until I found one of her. She was beautiful, but she’s not here, never has been, never will be. Just then a voice calls from the bedroom “You look just like her you know?” My father said this very quietly. “Your mother was a gift God sent directly to me,like you, a true Angel.” His eyes twinkled, almost like he was trying to tell me a secret, like he knew something I didn’t. At that moment I went to the bathroom and decided to look at myself in the mirror. My gray eyes twinkled and shined like his but with a mysterious blue tint. My copper colored skin glowed like hers did. My jet black hair, frizzy and straight at the same time, as usual. My ripped jeans, rose shirt and camo jacket along with black combat boots looked like something she would wear. I also always wore her ring made of what seemed to be glass. I don’t why, I guess it just makes me feel closer to her. He was right, I was a carbon copy of her but he was wrong about one thing. The way my eyes twinkled, I got that from him. I could feel my tears coming..fast. “Dad, I’m going home, I’m not feeling so good”, I lied. “Oh, ok”,he said, “try to get better ok?” He sounded so disappointed but I knew if I stayed I’d ruin my birthday for the both of us.

By the time I got home it was 11:45 and Rise threw a full on adult tauntrum, but I was too upset to care. I went out to the terrace and grabbed myself a rootbeer. There was no letter. Like every other year that passes by. Figures, why would she start now? I haven’t even seen the woman since I was one years old. It’s obvious she hates me. Although I still can’t help but wonder. After all these years. One thing. Why did you leave? Did I do something wrong? Did you ever love me? I wasn’t I enough? It started raining, but with my hood up and tears running down my face I couldn’t care what happened in that moment. I lost control of emotions I’d been holding back for years. With such force I shattered my glass bottle into a thousand pieces. When I looked at the broken pieces, sadly I could relate. I just want to be able to feel whole again. To feel loved. To piece myself back together. I heard the glass chime through the wind and decided to to pick it up. But when I looked up I saw that the glass had formed into a broken heart. At that very moment I screamed and the glass shattered again. The last thing I remember is Ty pulling me close as the sky went black.

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