The Reception Game

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A rather roguish Game of Dare played and pickpocketed out at a fancy dress wedding reception Cadence Abbot,Craig Abbot,Ginny B. and Brian Mc

Adventure / Romance
Cadence Abbot
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A forethought

“The wedding was a bit over the top. The bride wanted her girl’s dresses to be something they would wear out again. A nice thought, but the gowns she found were a little too long for anything but formal evening wear, according to our girls who were asked to be part of the bridal party. The maid of honour wore a red silk version; the six Bridesmaids wore theirs in black satin.” Each of the girls had also been presented with a matching collection of Swarovski rhinestones “traditional classic darlings”! The jewellery, when added to the girl’s ensemble, further enhanced the red carpet like the atmosphere of the Bridal party coterie’!


Intro of the story proper:

“A few years ago, “Ginny” was watching some type of show when I heard her squeal out. Our Golden Retriever ‘Sam’ meandered back in to see what all the fuss was about? I obediently followed. Ginny pointed out to us a model who was wearing, rather fetchingly I might add, a long black satin gown. That’s m’ gown Ginny exclaimed, you remember, the one I wore at “Sheila’s” wedding, the one where my necklace was sn…., But at that point her attention was diverted back to her program. Squirrel I teased as Sam and I watched with her.

It was a gown strikingly very similar in colour, cut, and material to the one worn by Ginny ( and me sister) at a chums wedding years before ( and winningly worn several times hence I might add). It is a pretty thing to behold my charming Ginny sporting it, and in its time, it has born witness to a few goings-on that most ladies wearing a gown like that would never encounter…….”

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