The Reception Game

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Farewell My Lovely

This next bit is my favorite.

We rode the elevator up to the boy’s room, as the girls called our room, where we drank beer, danced to music and talked on a bit about the reception. The girls stayed in dress and I happily soaked up the rather pretty picture the pair of admirably attractive girls presented with their long sheets of straight hair now just hanging down, their “diamonds” sparkling and all other assorted frills enticing.

About two hours later found Brian and myself sitting on the couch in kind of a hazy stupor while holding onto our beers. Ginny and my sister were standing directly in front of us, holding beers of their own and giggling over some girlish nonsense, the hypnotic swaying of their longish glossy black satin gowns slowly putting me to sleep.

Brain, draining his beer, got up to get another, bumping against my sister and playfully grabbed a handful. My sister started giggling at him as he sauntered off grinning, turning her figure so the brooch at the centre of her gowns’ waistline almost whacked me on the nose. Half asleep I reached over and gingerly lifted it up.

Looking up at the girls I saw that neither was paying no never mind towards me. Ginny, however, laid a hand on my twin’s shoulder, drawing her close so she could whisper some girlish secret about Brian. I continued on and was able to undo the brooch and slip it carefully off without notice. I slipped her jewel into my pocket; waiting until I could think, now that I did the deed, just how I would tease her about it.

Brian stopped on the way back and reset the music, a slow song came up. Sis went to him, and the pair started dancing. I rose and took Ginny by the hand, followed suit, leading her to the bit of a dance floor we had cleared. She was again, pure heaven in my arms and my hands slipped liberally up and down her smooth, slinky gowned figure.

Ginny smiled! I knew that smile and realized that something was going on behind her pretty green eyes.

She flicked back her sheet of ginger hair and leaned against me. I saw you, she huskily whispered, her voice putting a tickle in my ear. Saw me I asked, not getting it. I saw you lift that dame’s diamond brooch, Ginny said in a sultry voice as she looked over towards where my sister was dancing, (no, she was actually swooning), in Brian’s arms.

Now mate, you see that one over there, in the black dancing with the bearded gent? I looked over, as she continues, look at ’er necklace, I have a fancy for diamonds, and if you don’t want me to call security, I suggest you get hers for me, darling, she said with conspiracy-like tones, acting like she was some old-time actress in a movie. I loved the devilishness of Ginny’s role play idea and it did not take much to toss me, whole heart and soul, into the assignment!.

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