The Reception Game

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A Quite Curious Encounter

Ginny came swishing into view from around the corner as I shut the door with a subtle click.

I smiled fully as she came up to me and started to say something to her, eager to caw about my evil deviousness.

She smiled and place a finger to my lips. Her hazel green eyes smirked as she said “Not yet lad, let’s take a walk away from here, what needs to be done next is best done in secret.”

“You mean the jewels “ I started to ask but she shushed me.

“That and ... other things laddie she said with a sly look in her eyes!

So we took the stairs down and made our way out into the unusually light foggy evening!

For the world was now ours, as we made our journey together, hand in hand.

We ended up making a very long stroll in the Provincial Park, and reentering the same isolated, secret glen we had been in earlier.

It was not until then that We proceeded to continue acting out the role-playing game we had started at the apartment.

Ginny went to the middle of the clearing to wait, pretending she was smoking, like a moll from a gangster movie.

I circled and watched her sparkling figure, black shiny gown and glittery diamonds, moving without purpose in the shadow of the glen.

And as I did, my thoughts wandered a bit, and I remember reflecting ( not for the first time) how in the older black n whites, the heroine, or villainous, is always wearing gowns, elegant long gloves, and jeweled to the sparkling hilt.

Then she walks alone to and then waits in some dark alley or other desolate spots for her contact, or hero to show up, much like Ginny was acting out now.

So how is it that those fancy dressed and well jeweled unescorted dames, always manage to get to those spots and can wait around in them alone, in those movies, and nary ever meet a ruffian who strips them of those pricy looking sparklers they are flaunting about?

Just saying!

After murmuring a brief prayer that my thoughts were not about to be tempting fate of that type to occur to us now that I had been thinking it, I came out of the shadows and approached Ginny/femme Fatales.

Keeping my left hand in my pocket like I was carrying a heater.

“Hey sister, I said, been waiting long?”

“No, she whispered, did you get the goods.”

“Hot as ice I said proudly.” producing the necklace I had liberated from the dancing “dame” and dangled it hypnotically in front of her eyes.

As I showed Ginny my take from “the dame”, she squealing over the fact I was able to acquire the “Broads” necklace of dripping “ice”.

Playing a thief’s role, I kept mum about Acquiring the Dames earring, no honour amongst thieves I thought mischievously.

Which in the game we were playing, proved to be the right move.

As Ginny admired the necklace we both laughed over what the “dames” reaction would be when the jewels were discovered missing.

Then suddenly my cohort got a serious look in her eyes!

Then she, putting her hand inside the skirt of her gown, raised it and stuck it into my side like a pistol.

“Now lad, the Dames fancy broach, and I won’t yell bloody murder

for the Bobbies now, will I!”

I sighed dramatically while I reached into my pocket and handed the sparkler over. She looked at it delighted, then stowed it

“So luv, do I make a proper Femme Fatale or not ?”

“Not bad my luv, but not evil enough, should ave riffled me pickets!” I said, pulling out the glistening “diamond” earring.

“Really !” She’s shrieked, checking her ears as If I was holding her on of her own!

Realizing she still had em, she smirked

“Took those off her to? Just like a man to always take a lady for all’s she’s worth!”

“Well, with double-crossing Dames like you around, a poor pickpocket has to make his living somehow!

Besides, I left her an earring and her rings! Didn’t I now, luv?!

“Are you sure you didn’t take them also you weasel and are holding out more on me lad!” Ginny teased as she tried to put a hand in my tux jacket pockets

I grabbed her and we began to struggle as I tried to grasp onto her slippery figure laughingly.

As we snickered, Ginny caught my eyes and then we got off on a tangent about jewel thieves, then jewel thieves in love, and ended up re-enacting the “lure” scene from the movie ’To Catch a Thief” ending up producing fireworks of our own making, as “the femme fatale “ Ginny lost all her jewels as well as her perceived “innocence”...

“kiss me you fool!” Cut, roll the credits...

Later, and a wee bit disheveled, the two of us then made our way back home, as the cock crows, receiving a few odd looks from the occasional early morning lorry drivers.

And that chaps, is how I left her. With my grainy black and white movie still playing out in my mind. She just was standing there puzzled, a wealthy lady in fancy dress, unknowingly watching the dashing stranger leave with the “fortune” in jewels she thought she still was wearing. She innocently watched me as I left the room with her “diamonds” in my scoundrel’s possession!

The End

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