Shenanigans at the Poet & Peasant Pub

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The Jack is Back!

The couple watch as this rather odd man calling himself Jack makes his way inside through the throng, acknowledging several people, but receiving little, any real recognition.

He finally reaches a table with three men, all clad in severe cut suits!

Two have built like the bodyguards they were.

The third, with a weaselly face, held pursed in a stern and unforgiving manner looked like he was in charge of the group, but not the one to be in real charge.

Next to him stands a rather voluptuous lady, curvy in a long red satin number that flows down to her high heeled feet. From her ears, neck, wrist, and fingers sparkle a fine collection of emeralds set with diamonds, small but quite expensively real.


The couple, still contemplatively peering in at the doorway, look at each other and silently a decision is made and they go inside.

They manage to squeeze through and find an empty table in a back corner by the fireplace, where the beginnings of a large fire are in place, waiting to be lit once the cool chill of the evening fog rolls in.

The man seats his companion, then stands over here as they both look around in adept silence.

Across from them is the long mahogany bar, with Brute Burton standing behind, serving drinks and snarls as he is busy lording over his Pub!

Meanwhile, the odd stranger has seated himself with the 3 men and engages them in conversation. The lady in red, still standing, listens in, becoming quite interested in the charismatic newcomer and his many lively colourful stories…

All the while Brute Burton works his station at the bar, serving up drinks as they are ordered, sliding them down the smooth wood bar with expert precision.

Sadly, for his patience, poor Brute is in a rather worse mood than usual this evening.

Quite peeved that his favourite barmaid had up and quit the day before, having been sweet-talked into taking a job at one of his competitor’s pubs just down the street( The Jolly Jellyfish).

This has been the topic of many conversations up and down the docks all day, so much so, that everyone pretty much knows to stay clear of crossing the disgruntled publican, and Brute is quite happy with that.

So, needless to say, what happens next came as quite a surprise to a lot of people, including Brute!

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Chapter 4

So, tell me, just what did happen next?

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