Shenanigans at the Poet & Peasant Pub

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A Challenge Given

Brute meanly eyed down the sailor, giving Jackie an unspoken warning to tread along this path very carefully!

Brute than warily answered.

“What the hell are you one about laddie!?”

Brute spit out the words, his hooded eyes holding back a fire waiting to ignite.

“Just this, £5 say that I can lick me right eye!

Jackie continues on, pleasantly cooing his words as he suggests the bet, acting for all the world like a mongoose playing loose with the last thread of a looming Cobra’s nerve!

Like that cobra, Brute just looked at Jackie for a full minute eyes half-closed, before opening them wide and finally saying, no snarling, his answer…

“You are on laddie, but make no mistake, better be no shenanigans! So go one then, let’s all see you lick your right eye!”

With a wide smile, Jackie popped out his right glass eye and licked it, before putting it back, eyeing down the now infuriated Brute.

The whole bar hushed, unbelieving as Jack held out his hand…

The bartender threw down a fiver, the look he was giving Jack would have sent most men running.

The whole bar was now watching, many jostling amongst themselves for a better look at what was going on, waiting to see what was going to befall upon this mischief-making sailor named Jackie….

Jackie, holding his ground, did not touch the pair of fivers, instead, he said, quite apologetically…

“I am so sorry chappie, that… was actually quite rude of me, I’ll admit, and after promising no shenanigans to boot. Tells you what my dear Brute, sir…”

Jackie reaches in, he pulls a wad of notes from his pocket and lays down a total of twenty on top of the fivers.

Brute, and the rest of the pub’s patrons, watch dumbfounded, the loon is making another bet they think.

And several of the patrons nearest the back exit move away, clearing a path for when Brute gives the sailor his upcoming due…

But Jack just smiles, boldly standing his ground, and speaks out cheerfully…

“Gives you a chance to make your money back, and profit!”

Jackie said with a promise.

Brute answers, snarling so loudly that some of the Poet & Peasant’s patrons actually cringed, some even stepping backwards and tripping up against those behind them….

The dolled-up tart in red, notably wearing the flickering emeralds, gasps, moving back in fear, and she trips over the man standing behind her, his female companion catches and steadies the poor lass as they, and the rest of the pub’s patrons, with to see what happens next!

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