Shenanigans at the Poet & Peasant Pub

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The Happening

Brute eyed the pile of money as he snarled…

“Oui then, let’s hear you out, last words before I show your scrawny carcass the door then, eh Laddie!”

Jackie, unperturbed, answered Brute in that sing-song manner of his...

“This lot is yours (he pointed to the pile of notes) my dear barkeep if I cannot bite my left eye!

Brute just looked at him for a very long minute, a long, quite cold minute. He finally spoke, choosing his words carefully, as he kept his temper in check….

“I didn’t know about your fake blue eye me salty lad, but I sure ’en hell knows you ain’t blind! Your on!”

Brute pulls out a wad of his own, slapping down a total of 20 hard-earned notes on top of his fiver.

Jackie gulps down the last of his rotgut, and smiles widely, playing the pubs hushed attention for all it was worth, then taking out his false teeth, he smartly bit his left eye.

You could have heard a pin drop on the wooden saw dusted floor of the place, it was now so quiet!

The red gowned tart placed a hand to her now bare throat in excitement, her emerald earrings swaying, as a murmuring started from the crowd, everyone jostling pushed daringly forward even a bit more, knowing what should be happening next to the cunning sailor calling himself Jackie.

As For Jackie, he continued to smile as he adjusted his false teeth (ivory) and then nonchalantly pulled a plug of tobacco from his pocket and biting off a wad, started to chew as he looked Brute dead in the eye.

The piles of £40 in notes lay on the counter, untouched, seemingly unnoticed by either of the two, Brute or Jackie, who’s eyes were locked into the others steely gaze.

Brute finally broke the long silence, moving towards Jackie, his meaty fists gripping the bar, as if he were trying to hold them back from strangling the living daylights out of the thin sailor looking all for the world like slithering scowling cobra who had had enough from the jeering mongoose. Which he, in fact, had, had enough that is!

Brutes words came, snarling from his lips, as he said in no uncertain terms!

“Yur crackers Laddie, that is a fact… and youns have just earned a one-way ticket out of my pub, and if yur lucky, only a few of your bones will be broken when you land! …”

As he spoked his right hand detached itself from the mahogany bar, and grabbed the sailor by his blouse, intending to lift Jackie up and toss him physically from the premises!

Jackie, remaining totally unruffled by Brute’s actions, laid a hand upon the Publican’s wrist, and tsk’d Brute, who in surprise at the unperturbed demeanour of Jackie, actually let go of the sailors’ blouse and allowed his hand to be gently taken aside and placed upon the bar.

Jackie said, with total complacently, as he chewed his tobacco…

“I know, that was not a nice thing atoll for me to do, seeing how it is my honour to be here in your fine establishment, and me playing tricks on ye, not a nice thing atoll for a patron to do”

Jackie smiled winningly up at the still bristling Brute.

“Tell ya what my fine friend, do you have a halfpenny on you perchance?”

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