Shenanigans at the Poet & Peasant Pub

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One, Two, Three

Brute nodded and began the count.

“One, Two….Three!”

Jackie taking a mouthful of air, spit out the wad of wet brown gooey tobacco. The unsavoury mess flew across the bar, hitting Brutus, the bar, the walls…everywhere but inside the shot glass.

Realizing that he had won the bet, Brute pocketed the notes and started laughing, as he wiped the brown slime off himself, his apron, and the various surfaces of his bar.

The entire bar nervously erupted into laughter, poking themselves, and pointing towards the witless sailor and his odd games which had cost Jackie some eighty pounds!

Brute finished his cleaning and still chuckling ...

then looked over at Jackie, who was still sitting there, still smiling like had had not a care in the world!

Puzzled Brute moved back to the sailor, and addressed him rather curtly.

“Se here mate, what is it with you? Your antics here have cost you a voyages’ wage, yet you sit there grinning like the whole world is your oyster.. so what of it, are you just looney or daft, or both!?”

Jackie just smiled, rising from his seat as he looked up at the bartender and tipped his cap.

“Hopefully neither my most kind sir, hopefully neither! “

Jackie looked around the bar, meeting the eyes of the curious patrons. Stopping at his table, where the weaselly eyed gent had a rather unhappy look upon his mug, the red gowned tart was just looking horrified, and the two burly bodyguards just looked stunned!

Jackie looked back upon the smirking Brute and started to explain…

“It’s like this my dear sir… See that table over yonder?”

Jackie nodded towards the table that he had been sitting at… The tart now had a silly grin on her face, the other three had not changed their expressions…

Brute over then looked back to Jackie…

“Yeah, I see the Buggers, what of it!?

Jackie smiled, placing his hands inside his trouser pockets…

“Well me lad…”

Jackie moved just a little further away from Brutes’ reach as he spoke…

“It’s like this… Those gentlemen back there bet me a thousand pounds against me coming up here and spitting tobacco juice over yourself and fine bar, and have you clean the mess up yourself, laughing all the while… which is exactly what you just did!”

Brute just stared at the smirking sailor, realizing that he had been played for a fool after all. Jackie was now out of reach, and so Brute just snarled at the impish sailor…

“Pick up your winnings mate, and hightail your miserable carcass outta of here…. If I ever so much as see your shadow at me door again, I will not be held responsible for my actions, he promised in no uncertain terms!”

Jackie bowed in obeisance to the Bartender, then turns and walks up to the table.

Reaching it he winks at the girl, leans over the 3 gentlemen…

“Sorry chaps you heard the keep, I must, quite sadly, be one my way!”

From the table his picks, up the pile of notes, the gentlemen lost in the bet.

Jackie moves off as the men start to protest, ignoring them, and smiling winningly at the lady in the red dress and shimmering emeralds, who smiles back.

Jackie weaves his way through the still chattering crowd, ignoring them. And without looking back, leaves the Poet & Peasant Pub.

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