The Beginning of The End

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I have been abused. I have been loved. I have been lusted over. I have been battled over. I haven't a clue If I will make it out of this alive. My only hope is that my love will survive. Come grow with me on my lifes journey... ** WARNING STRONG CONTENT** Sexual Themes, Sexual Abuse, Suicidal Thoughts/Attempts, Strong Language, Domestic Abuse, Mental Illness, Death, etc. Some of these themes may be triggering to victims and people who are not victims. This book is very Raw. I advise readers younger than 18 not to read this due to the nature and mature content of this book

Adventure / Romance
Lady T
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Mornings with Mom

Rosalieya's pov

My name is Rosalieya, and I am the princess of England. I'm seventeen years old, and I'm also next in line for the throne considering I am the only child. Well, today is the day that I am supposed to participate in some type of meet and greet being held here at the castle. I am supposed to meet all of the single royals who are looking for a partner to help them rule. If you ask me my opinion on this whole greeting the princes and Looking for the one ne to help me rule the country thing.

I will tell you that I do not want the throne and I most definitely do not want the snobby, spoiled prince that comes with it. I like being on my own and not having to deal with a man trying to run and dominate me at all time. 'Knock knock knock' I heard coming from the other side of the door. I quickly rolled over to where my face was buried deep inside of my pillow. Maybe if I stay like this, she will think I'm sleeping and leave me alone. "Princess it's time to wake up, You are scheduled for the first meet and greet of the day with The Prince of Germany." Ughhhh Prince Randolph III, he is the nastiest man that I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. He is a very piggish man who I want no dealing with.

I was so deep in thought about these scheduled meetings that I have today that I didn't even notice the maid had come in. "Princess get up now, or you're going to be late." She said slapping my backside trying to get a reaction out of me. I just laid there like nothing happened, as if I was asleep or dead. "If you don't get up within the next three seconds I am going to get your mother." I just laid there like I didn't care, but deep down inside I did care. I know if my mom has to come up here and get me that she will end me for being disobedient for sure. Even though I'm slightly scared of how my mom is going to react when she comes up here. I still don't move, I lay my ground.

The maid was silent for a few seconds as she stood by before slowly starting her countdown. "One... Two... Three... " she counted ending it with a sigh "Alright Rosalieya you've brought this upon yourself, I'm done." I heard her say before she walks out of the door. Not even four minutes later I hear my mom screaming my name. 'Oh no no no no' I whine to my self as I hear footsteps getting closer to my door. Lord if you love me, please don't let these evil people take me to meet those mean, nasty, nasty princes. I silently pray before she gets to me.

All of a sudden the footsteps stopped and my door was slung open by the wicked Queen of the west. Also known as the beautiful, half sweet half evil women who is my mother. "Rosalieya if you don't get up now so help me God." 'No God, please don't help her, she's evil.' I silently pray "Mother I don't want to see those stupid princes. I want to lay here in my bed and do nothing like a normal teenager." I whined to my mother. She just stood there and looked at me. "I know you wish you were normal baby, but you're not. You are a princess whether you like it or not; now get up and start acting like one" she said while nudging me to get out of the bed. "No mom, you can't make me!" I said now holding onto my bed with all of my strength seeing as now she is no longer nudging me but is pushing me.

"Rosalieya stop struggling and just do as I say before I..." She was saying before I challenged her with "before you what?" She looked at me, and I looked at her with a smirk knowing she's not going to do anything or so I thought... let me tell you something never think; It gets you nowhere but in trouble. I then turn over on my back with a smile on my face knowing that I have won the battle as she leaves my room and closes the door. All of a sudden she comes running back in my room with a big bucket of water. I look at her wide-eyed knowing this is not about to end well for me. It never does when it comes to her the odds are always in her favor.

She looks at me, and I see that the table has now turned. Now I'm the one whose eyes are wide, and she is the one with a smirk on her lips. After our silent conversation. She wasted no time to throw the water on me. "Mom!" I yelled now trying to get out of the soaked bed that I am currently in. She just stood there and laughed with a satisfied look on her face. "Ugh, I swear if I catch you. Not even the odds being in your favor will be able to help you." I say before making a lunge at her. She swiftly dodges me and runs out of my room. After regaining myself, I run full speed after her down the stairs. As I reach the last step, I hear her laughing as she runs out of the front door towards the garden. 'Ughhh' I let out a frustrated scream. For an older woman she sure is fast, or maybe I'm just slow. I like the first one better, so that's what I'm going to go with. I think to myself as I run out of the front door like a bat out of hell after my mom.

"You're gonna have to run faster than that to catch me princess" I hear her sing as she rounds off to the garden house. She runs in, and I run in after her. As I run through the doors of the garden house, I see my mom standing there with her hands on her hips and that all to familiar smirk on her face. I then look behind her to see Prince Randolph III and Prince Julius II. Prince Julius is the Prince of Persia, he is about 6'4, he has a very dark tan skin complexion. He has hazel/grey eyes and dark brown curly hair. He is a magnificent specimen. While Prince Randolph is pale with red blotches on his face, He has white hair and blue eyes, and he is 5'5. His appearance is the exact opposite of Prince Julius. He is a very hideous man as I have described him to you, and his personality does not help him one bit.

"Well, are you going to speak or just stand there with your mouth open just staring at me." The devil himself said as he stood there with an annoyed look on his face. By devil I mean Randolph. It took me a moment to actually comprehend what he was saying before I said. "Oh, I'm sorry your majesty, I was just staring in disgust at what looks to be a booger sitting on your top lip." His eyes went wide, and he immediately drew his sword to check his face.

Once he saw that I was indeed telling the truth, he quickly turns around and starts rubbing his face to get it off. "Well, that's embarrassing," Julius said while chuckling and giving me his most charming smiling. "Umm excuse me, but I do not recall asking you for your opinion," Randolph said while sending a glare to Julius. Julius just smiled back at him in return. "Ummm well if you will excuse me. I need to get back to the castle so I can Dry off and put on some more appropriate clothes." I said catching their attention in the process. They both took a moment to look me up and down. Julius gave me an understanding look while on the other hand, Randolph gave me this hungry smile. After this little exchange, they both nodded and said "yes Princess" before I walked away from them and back to the castle.

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