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For a human, this world is a complete mystery. For a demon, this world is a deadly home. And for Damian? This world is both. Damian’s life is an adventure. Figuring out the secrets of his mind, body, and world. Welcome to Euothia. Euothia is a land full of mysteries, wonders. Damian lives in it. His whole family has. But when a new friend arrives, Damian starts to question: How much does he really know about Euothia?

Adventure / Fantasy
A Bookworm
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A Really Small Note:

Note: “Chapters,” are varied in size. This is a perspective writing. This book is also fictional. Therefore, anything can happen and not all creatures are real… So enjoy!

Also, Euothia is a long beginning to an adventurous series. I have huge plans for it. I hope to see everyone's support to make this a dream come true! Please don't be a silent reader. Thank you! :)

Welcome to Euothia, new adventurers.

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