Mind Bender -ON PAUSE-

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Chapter -1-

Chapter 1:

Each stride I took my mind became clearer. I knew what I had to do. The soft jingles of a bell rang throughout the homy cafe.

“One frappuccino please.” I see Claire and a smile graces my lips. She stood quite tall and slim, her short grey hair neat and likely styled with old fashioned rollers, the kind women used to sleep in. Her face is made up of discrete make-up accept her lips that are cherry red. Were she any paler her mouth would be garish, but against her sun-kissed skin it looks right.

“Of course, dear.” She grins. Claire didn’t know. Claire didn’t know what I was. It was better that way.
“Here you go, honey.” She leans over the counter and places the frappuccino in front of me. I slid over the cash over the counter.
“Have a nice day!” She calls as I walk out of the cafe, with the frappuccino steaming into the cool morning air. I didn’t respond as she called after me. It was better that way.

Entering the park, a slight breeze rustles the leaves making them fall to the ground one by one. The air is cool, the beams of sunlight glowing on my skin. Flowers are vast, and they conceal the freshly cut green grass. The pathway is nothing more than dirt littered with random rocks. I sip on my frappuccino, the steam escaping from the cup and into the cool air. Tainting the air with the sweet aroma of chocolate and the bitter-sweet taste of the coffee.

As I walk down the well-tread ground a girl strolls past me, immediately my nose crinkles in disgust. I notice her lips had been fattened to the point where they were straining against the skin of her lips. Every smile that lit up her features was the wrong sort. Her skin was stretched and orange. It’s like she ran on plastic instead of any form of natural beauty.
Her eyes were hungry. It was as if they were feasting on whatever they could find. It reminded me of a toddler when it found candy, except her candy, included men and occasionally women.

The girl’s eyes slid past me- which I was rather thankful for. Then without looking back, she sashayed past me, swinging her hips over-excessively.

I drop my frappuccino in an overflowing trash can. As I moved to walk a sudden tug in my stomach makes me freeze, a warning- I knew what would come.
With urgency in my strides, I did a 180-degree turn and began walking back to my apartment. Walking through the memorised path a cool breeze swept past me, and a shiver racks my body- but I continued, I need to.

I believe the only reason why I am safe is that they don’t know about the females in our kind. Or to be more specific the only female of our kind. That’s why I haven’t been found. At least not yet.

Soon enough I reached the freshly painted ebony brown door, with a soft creak I stepped into the room. My feet move on their own accord until I find myself standing in front of the familiar pale-coloured door.
I dig my hand into the side pocket of my jacket, until my fingers brushed the cool metal of the keys. I push the keys into the hole and push open the door- just as the tug in my stomach worsens.

As soon as I’m inside I release a breath I didn’t know I was holding.

I hold out my hand, pulsing from my fingertips is a brilliant, bright light. I watch it flicker, changing colours from white, to buttercup yellow, then back to gold.

I clench my fist, my nails digging into my palms. I shouldn’t have to hide this- this beauty. The mind benders shouldn’t make me hide this. I should be showing the world what I can do.
I groan as a wave of pain rakes my body forcing me to slump against the wall.

I push myself off the wall as rushes of nausea attack my brain, bile rises in my throat. I stumble into the bathroom and with trembling fingers, I clutch the mirror on the wall for support.
The soft floral patterns on the walls glow as soon as I enter the room, almost the nauseating type of glow. I hold up my hand and touch the glass. Immediately, my finger sinks through.

I take a deep breath, I- I need to calm down. My mouth fills with the coppery tang of blood, and it feels like fire is rushing through my veins. My grip on my palms tightens. I groan in pain, I glance at my reflection and I’m flashing in and out of sight. I collapse into the ground, fighting the pain all alone.

It always hurts, I’m suppressing my powers to survive. But, is it worth to go through all that pain just to survive? It’s not. But if I don’t, I put others at risk, and I would never be able to live with myself if I did.

As soon as the pain becomes... bearable, I push myself up. In the mirror, I can see my mouth is set in a hard line. My eyes are glowing a brilliant gold. The light in my palms burn brighter and I curl my fingers up.

This is my magic.

This is my life.


The First Chapter! I’m so proud of myself ( •̀ ω •́ )✧

I know it’s short >﹏<

But I’m trying... I’ll be publishing as often as I possibly can.

Pretty good imagination for when I was in Grade 7, don’t you think?

Pfft, I’m kidding I added this part because it was far too straightforward. However, it still sticks to the plot... only makes it more interesting

o((>ω< ))o <---------- Me as I write this story!

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