A Wicked Turn

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A Story based on Chrematistophilia, arousal , a paraphilia whereby sexual arousal is obtained from being robbed. Warning, this story does contain some light erotic fiction. Please do not read if underaged.

Adventure / Romance
Cadence Abbot
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Chapter 1

The idea for this upcoming series of stories came about from material gathered during a university study on sexual foreplay, types, and origins, that was opened to research to several Doctorate Candidates who were studying in the PHYSIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY field of study…

One student primarily focused on aspects of couples in a consensual relationship willing to discuss their sexual foreplay as it related to and/or initiated by, sexual/fantasy-driven phobias.

This part of the study was envisioned and completed by this female doctoral student, who entitled her paper based on this study: Desires through Deviant Sexual Roles.

The word deviant being used because the study would discuss areas outside of what some would see as normal. However, based on the huge amount of data collected, and the overall positive reception of her results, she later considered that ‘deviant’ may not have been an entirely accurate word to use!

Exploring this subject, she hoped to write a paper on understanding what desires are the potential triggers for these types of sexual roleplay, and the sexually related phobias/desires that may be the spark that inflames the urge for couples to explore them…

She gave her adult aged volunteer respondents a list of 15 different scenarios, based on previously researched types of sexual phobia related studies. The participants were asked to match and describe any roleplay that they had a desire to, and or, actually have played out, that would have fit in some way within the 15 control scenarios…

On the forms they were given to fill out, the participants in the study were given the option to answer anonymously.

One of the fifteen control scenarios was derived from a possible Chrematistophilia related scene (test story #13), in other words, a robbery sequence!

It is this control scenario that will be explored by the forthcoming story….

Of the almost 3 hundred responses she received with answers that matched those on her list of 15 role play /phobia sequences, 4 had experiences related to control story #13.

One of those four who respondent to Test story #13 did so in such an embellished telling of her role play desires, that it quite captured the researcher’s attention.

As it happily happened, it was one of the ones who filled out the personal information section form indicating they would like to discuss her responses in detail.

So, choosing one from amongst the others, she decided to look into it to gather further information that pertained to the study.

The student reached out to the person who had responded in such a thought-provoking way to #13 and was granted a private interview.

The female interviewed wished to remain anonymous outside of her answers.

The respondent turned out to be a mid-aged lady whose husband knew about and was a willing participant in his wife’s roleplaying along those thievery related lines.

During the interview she was forthcoming of her awakenings to the sexual desires to play these robbery types of sexually stimulating games, and how she answered found herself answering that enticing call.

Games both physical and imagination-driven.

Before she was married, she used to quell those desires by taking personal dares she made herself carry out, probably somewhat unwisely, to tempt fate and experience the ‘high’ she received by flirting with those dangers involved.

By doing so, she was inviting a way to bring satisfaction between those times when her daydreams and infrequent partner games were not enough, or too far between, to quell her urges…..

For instance, dressed up for a party, wearing a silk dress, along with her mother’s pearls, she walked home alone that evening. With growing excitement, taking shortcuts through dark alleyways, hoping that the feel-good urges she received while daydreaming, would be as intense if the real thing would occur.

Fortunately for her, that evening nothing happened and she made it home safe.

Soon after she found a boyfriend who was willing to act it out play scenes with her as foreplay!

Later she met the man who was to become her husband.

During courtship and then marriage, her husband 100 % took the place of those urges to tempt fate, her ‘Dares’ as she called them, creating for her a safe way to play out the stimulating sexual scenarios she lusted after to help her enjoy sex

It was all very much an intriguing bit of roleplay that was the type of information she was hoping to come across for her thesis paper!

Inspired, the undergraduate than wrote a short side-study on the subject of Chrematistophilia.

Then later, still a tiny bit intrigued by scenario #13, she wrote a short story based upon those studies and interviews by her subject.

The short story below contains most of her original tale, gleaned from Sequence #13, the subject’s interview, and Sally’s paper on the subject of Chrematistophilia.

Though it has been edited down a wee bit to please our own rather stuffy University Censors, it does still contain some sexual innuendos and briske descriptions, but the story below is not overly rude, and most definitely not pornographic… simply a retelling of a tale based on a subject of robbery related foreplay, possibly not too well understood by many …….

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