A Wicked Turn

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Lusting Gratification

He came over from the fancy oak dresser and finally stood before her.

The lady’s head came up to his chin, her pretty face looking up with innocence, into his.

She was smiling most provocatively, one hand still holding the clasp of her cloak, the other resting upon the shimmery brooch pinned onto the cloak over her right breast.

He, for no real reason, found himself wondering if the broach’s placement meant she was left-handed.

“Okay mister burglar, take me broach, I see your eye’ in it!”

For the first time, but not the last, he almost felt sorry for the show that poor Gaston was missing out on, but glad deep down that he, on the other hand, was not!

He reached down and pried her fingers from the brooch, and as he unpinned the precious jewel, she pushed against him so his fingers brushed against a rather perked, notably heaving breast.

Obligingly he allowed his fingers free reign to fondle her tits!

With a deep sigh, she listlessly allowed both her hands to fall to her sides as she leaned into him, her eyes turned upward gazing lustfully at him with her imploring hazel green eyes.

Huskily she murmured…

“That’s it, not too quickly now…”

He unsteadily managed to unfasten the broach, his fingers a bit encumbered by the game she was playing with her body as she leaned in against him.

Pulling it off, his fingers brushing her soft figure, he let the broach plop into the pouch at his feet…

He then reached up and undid the jewelled clasp of her long green satin cape, exposing is silvery lining… and finally revealing the playful lady’s gown as it lay in full glory down along her enticingly Horney diminutive figure!

As well as revealing her remaining ornaments, in all their exquisite glimmering glory!

Tongue-tied in awe; he watched the cape slither down from her arms.

She looked up into his face, lustful eyes sparkling with delight at his unbridled rapture at seeing her...

Though not for a second realizing quite what it was about her that had captured his total drooling interest!

“Cat ’ave your tongue there laddie?”

She purred, her hazel eyes opening doe wide, offering no quarter as to their needful meaning.

He just let his eyes travel up and down the now fully exposed figure, quickly taking it all in.

He thought with satisfaction …

“The only thing that had more shine than those doe-like eyes were the diamonds that fell ever so dripping, ever so invitingly, from alluring points along down her scintillating figure!”

Her green satin gown was fitted to show off every delightful curve of her figure.

The bodice was not decorated by rhinestones or anything else that would have taken away one’s eyes from the jewels the wearer was sporting.

Those jewels consisted of a brooch equally as magnificent as the one he had plucked from the brown satin gown found hanging in her closet.

Besides, now could be viewed her long wide necklace dripping down to just above her visibly heaving breasts. The fine piece was set with blazing diamonds, smaller round ones surrounding a steady stream of larger egg-shaped ones that matched the one that hung from her forehead.

She smiled at his amazement.

“Gaston, you almost act as you have never seen these before!”

She scolded, while playfully lifted the necklace, letting it flow charmingly through her emerald green satin gloved fingers.

“Or are you really getting into robbing me, you naughty man!”

She let her other hand playfully pat the side of his mask.

For a second, he thought she was going to pull it up to kiss him, thus spoiling the game.

So, he quickly grabbed her by the wrists under the pretense of studying her rings and bracelets, thus successfully diverting her mind away from the thought.

“Ahh mister burglar, you want my pretties, I can tell, do you desire them more them Moi? One can imagine that you do! Quickly now, put yonder chair to use and ensure sure your victim cannot slip away whilst you wrestle the jewels from her very body!”

Liking this game more and more, he quickly fetched over the chair she was indicating.

Happy to oblige, it would make things far easier at the end he thought to himself with a dash of relief!

The chair was another sturdy Chippendale, Victorian-era straight-backed. Its’ position, reflection in the closet door he had left open, would allow them both to watch from all angles. Dear Romeo ‘Gaston’ could not have planned it better!

He sat it down behind her and she started to sit.

He grabbed her by the wrists, keeping her upright. He looked into her wide-open eyes, yet she was the one smirking like the cat eyeing the canary in its cage!

“Good Lord he thought wryly. What did you get yourself into mate?”

she asked him sweetly, honey dripping with each syllable.

“What do you have in mind for your victim?”

He briskly turned her around and began to unzip her gown, feeling its slick material, quite luscious even under the thin gloves he wore.

“Good show Gaston!

she chirped in approval…

“Make your victim feel vulnerable!”

She kicked off the gown and it fell in a pile on the carpet, with the brooch on top, sparkling like a lighthouse on top of an Irish island of shimmering green. She was looking up at him, clad only in a scant mint coloured silken slip that hung delightfully tight against her now quite overly perked figure.

She stooped down giving him a purposely good view of her ‘fin arrière’, tightly outlined by her silken thin slip. She reached down and retrieved her cape, covering the cold oak back of the high-backed chair with it and slipped onto it, too fast for him to react.

“Damn! He had planned to nick that pretty cape with its expensively wrought clasp as well!”

“But he reasoned, all is fair in love, games, and theft!”

He went over and undid the satin sash of her green gown, eyeing the brooch, but not taking it...

“Not yet my pretty!”

He said to himself with promise, as he slipped the sash off.

He turned back around, again she was still smirking like the cat that had now caught the canary, though this time it looked like she had bloody thing in her mouth. He looked down at her gloved hands, the bracelets were there, but judging by her now bare fingers, it was not a canary she had sucked into her mouth.

Without letting on to her mischievous game, he went behind her and she quite helpfully placed her gloved hands behind the chair, her fingers beckoning, trying to get him to notice her missing rings. But he had other ideas for that part of her game…

And it did not involve Gaston snogging ’er to get at em!

He employed the sash by tying her waist to the chair.

He could feel her shiver deliciously from her head to toe, squirming playfully in the chair.

Then in her throes of passion, she almost slipped off the chair, made slicker by the cape upon which she perched, sitting in an equally slippery slip, and he had to catch her and pull her back, feeling her shiver pleasurably as he held her.

Her dangling earrings were flickering like mad throughout the show, beckoning quite invitingly in his face as he was kneeling, causing him to shiver in much the same manner as her.

He then rose and going to the bed picked up the set of the handcuffs. Going back, he held her eyes steady with his, as she tried to come across as if she was imploring him not to do it, the rings hidden in her mouth preventing her to speak out!

As he approached, she kicked off both of her emerald rhinestones covered spiked heels, playfully missing him.

He smiled at her mischievously, going around and handcuffing her wrists together as she squirmed!

Then he came back around, and bent down in front of her, his hand reaching back and snatching up the rhinestone belt from her leather jacket.

He reached down, and taking an ankle in turn, strapped them both securely together!

She was not going anywhere without dragging the chair with her!

He had kept the keys on the bed, she could reach there to undo herself, but he was planning to be long gone before she would manage to accomplished that feat!

She was now ready, bound up the way she was, to be mercilessly stripped of the rest of her jewels!


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