A Wicked Turn

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The Fondling Theft

He smiled as he looked down upon her throat, watching the diamond and emerald necklace moving up and down in conjunction with her heavy breathing!

For the small fortune in diamonds, dribbling nicely down as her throat was arching back in her ecstasy, was sending a rippling cascading fire of colour from its’ gemstones!

This was, for the most part, the blame for a stiffly obvious condition of his John Thomas!

“Kiss me, Gaston!”

The enraptured miss cried out yearningly at that point.

In her bliss, his victim moved open her knees ever so slightly, uncovering several small glittering objects!

The rings! He had almost forgotten all about them!

Seizing the moment, his hand had delved down, then up in between her legs!

He pried open wider her legs, finding no resistance atoll.

He then obliged her sweet fantasy

As her thoughts of being kissed vanished into the aire in a fit of convulsive ecstasy.

She screeched, her whole figure thrashing against her bindings as the intensity of sparking feeling erupted from the sensitive area he had invaded!

He reached into her lap, his fingers plunging in against her silken slip, scooping the rings inside, inserting two fingers, pushing inside a portion of her slip with the bundle of 3 rings, deep up within her vagina!

Her whole being exploded into enveloping, exquisitely painful jolts of pleasure as her long waiting orgasm took full effect.

He had ardently moved against her and he felt her fingers curling around his manhood, he pulled away quickly before she could cause him some pain from a reflecting grasp!

“Gaston,!” she screamed her eyes closed shut tight in pulsating ecstasy!

He had begun groping about inside her vagina, searching inside the slip he had pushed up for the rings that were laying somewhere there, unseen!

He soon found and scooped out each glittery ring one by one, pushing them deeply up and into her pulsating “Labia Majora”, before pulling them from the now damp silk and tossing them each neatly into his bag.

As he pulled out the last ring, along with her now wet portion of slip, she said, her voice hoarse with expectations,

“Sure you found everything mister burglar Gaston?”

He reached down and randomly pulled up her hairpiece from the top of the glistening pile in his pouch and dropped it down between her legs.

She opened her eyes, looking down

“When did that fall off?”

Forgetting her hands were bound, she had tried to feel up for her hair…

Like she had done with her rings, she firmly clamped her legs tightly over the jewel, extinguishing its flicker as it laid there shimmering brightly!

“Not part of the game, luv… I borrowed that from Lilly, silly! “

She giggles at her rhyme, light-headed from the lingering effects of her prickling arousal and orgasm!

He smirked, thinking!

Hmmm, where is this Lilly, and is she another one wondering about, wearing the good ‘ice’ this evening? But, back to the job at hand!

He bent down and tried to open her knees…

She resisted, struggling against her bindings as she tried to work her hands-free to stop him!

He hoped she was still playing her game, and not having second thoughts about it.

It could make things rather unpleasant!


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