A Wicked Turn

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Pleasant Reflections

But apparently, the gig was not up yet!

For an old memory had been invoked back to her conscious mind.

With this thought, she said lustily, her dry throat cracking her words…

“Ah yes, you are right my dear Gaston! Recreating that time in the film we were watching, when a thief lifted some jewels from those ladies at a party, after promising them he was reformed!”

“Yes Gaston, you remembered that game..!”

she said with a sultry gasp, before uttering one last word.

“Except …”

He froze not sure if he should follow-through, not wishing to upset any apple carts of fantasy she was expecting.

Then she went on….

“I should have told you that the Tiara was out of bounds, of course, you wouldn’t ’ave known it was mine, being absent for so many years…!”

He looked down at her and saw that she was again watching him with some queries.

Was she having some doubts as to what game was being played?

he was curiously wondering?

He removed his hands from her leg!

She sighed happily!

“Thank you, you are a gentleman as well as a thief! Dear sir!”

He then reached up and lifted her necklace, fingering its beckoning lure.

She said nothing...

So apparently, this beauty was still in play!

it was time for the coupe de grace!

He eagerly contemplated as he eyed the magnificent necklace, the last and best piece of his victim’s worn jewels.

He again grasped her breasts, fondling them through the silken slip with his right hand.

Whilst his left travelled up her slick backside, reaching the back of her throat, and her necklaces’ jewelled clasp!

Using two gloved fingers, he neatly popped open the clasp and watched as the two ends fell open and hung down over her shoulders.

Curious as to what reaction she would give,

She did not disappoint

She quivered and moaned, then, began choking out the words in quite in a seductive, huskily hoarse-voiced manner.

“Gaston, Mon Mari!”

Her eyes were glazed over, reflected in the mirror, wide open with crazed excitement!

Suddenly an epiphany of an idea enters his head

letting one ned of the necklace noticeably drag up and over her shoulder, he released his hold, with a cascading fiery slither, it fell inside between her heaving breasts.

His right hand still fondling those breasts, he felt the necklace and worked it past so it slipped further down, landing in her lap!

Her diamonded necklace had joined its jewelled mate, the forbidden fruit, the jewelled coronet!

He then did the job properly, feeling along with the outside first, then reaching inside and giving great attention to all of her sweet spots.

Finally reaching the bottom, he again located her clit and began to manipulate it!

“Oh good, lord !”

she exclaimed, pleasurably leaning forward as much as her bindings would allow

As he fondled and groped, going all out to give her already intensely aroused figure as much over stimulation as possible!

Said figure, which had been ratcheting impulsively during the entire performance, now shot straight rigid as his fingers began once again searching the area between her legs!

She let out a piercing squeal as he hit home several times.

And as she closed her eyes tightly with each plunge of his right hands’ fingers finding their mark contorting her figure into exquisite convulsions, he took the opportunity to reach in with his free left hand and grabbed the now unprotected jewels from her lap!

As he pulled her jewels free, she slumped back into the chair, her whole being exhausted from her ecstatic struggles!

He slipped the shimmering strings of diamonds, necklace, and coronet, down on top of their pilfered, glittering mates…

Quite a haul he thought as He looked at her body, eyes clamped shut, still grasping to control her pinnacle reached desires!

She never even noticed that her borrowed headpiece had also been scooped up along with her necklace as he had quickly, unobtrusively also taken it to be deposited inside his bag

He went over to the piled green gown laying on the floor.

Lifting it he carried it over to his victim.

Holding it up he watches as the dazzling brooch was reflected in her, now open, slightly glazed over, doe wide eyes.

He slipped off the jewel, mindlessly pocketing it with the other, as he laid the gown reverently out over her lap.

Her only reaction was to close her eyes and groan happily.

“Okay Gaston you win, she murmured huskily, now untie me!”

“This Gaston did win!

He thought smirking to himself as claimed the now weighty pouch from the floor!

He began to stroll briskly towards the bedroom door exit, preparing himself for when she would realize the truth and start her desperate pleading.

It didn’t take long he heard her exclaim from behind his back before reaching the door…

“Hey, Gaston ! Where do you think you are going, lad?!”

“I said game over, no didn’t I ?!

She must have been looking down, for she began to bleat on like an annoying lost lamb…

“And you give me back that Tiara, it is not supposed to have been part of the game!”

He spoke aloud for the first time, lecturing…

“It is more of a Coronet than a Tiara my sweet!”

The burglar boldly closed the door behind him, distinguishing any further comment from the now indignantly squealing young, distressed Damsel.

He retraced his steps out to the second-floor sitting room’s balcony.

Then made his exiting the way he had come.

Climbing from the ancient wrought iron fire stairs conveniently located down off the second-floor balcony!


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