A Wicked Turn

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The Tracker in the Woods

As luck would have at it, He did not have long to wait!

Only 20 minutes into his allotted hour, his vigilance was rewarded when his keen hearing picked up upon the ever-satisfying rustle of something silken moving ever so gracefully along the path he had just left.

Still savouring his daydream of a jewel laden debutantes, he prepared himself!

His demanding thievery expectations at their fullest.

Soon a feminine figure with long red hair came tentatively into the clearing ...

She was quite elegantly clad in a long brown satin gown that greatly resembled the one he had found in Mariette’s closet!

Her jewellery sparkled brilliantly under the moonlit clearing; dangling earrings, thin necklace, bracelet, ring, and cleavage hung broach, all set with diamonds!

He could see what she was being cautious, so she was not entirely sure what would be lurking about!

Not that he blamed her, a woman dressed as she was should not feel safe walking about in the woods at night, vulnerably alone and unprotected!

“Someone should enlighten the wayward lass !”

She had stopped at the edge of the wooded hollow, some 6 feet away from his hiding spot, as she was looking worriedly about!

After a few long, lonely minutes she moved quickly from the shadows of the woods and crossed the clearing to the stone building.

The bottom of her long brown gown swishing rather alluringly as it fell slinking from her tight bodice.

He could see her features quite well in the light of the moon, enough to see all her finer points outlined by her slinky gown’s tight upper half!

But he stayed put, long developed instincts holding him check!

Reaching the cottage, she gracefully slithered her way around to the window.

Peering inside, she watched for a few minutes, her face lighted by the candle, earrings flashed a scintillating muted fire….

she then slipped to the door.

Opening it, the enticing figure darted inside.

The candle was extinguished, plunging the building and the area around the window into inky blackness.

He waited, watching in the silence, the only sound was his pulsating heart…

Who would make the next move he pondered?

After about 10 minutes an owl’s eerie hooting in the distance finally broke the deafening silence!

On the bird of prey’s second call, he decided that is was an omen…

The next move must be his. and he had precious few minutes left to find out, or leave her, this pretty bird in the bush, with the other one’s jewels he had in hand!

Carefully he retraced his steps, peering again into the widow he watched for some long minutes, but nothing appeared to be moving inside.

He made up his mind, and carefully hiding the leather pouch of jewels behind a small rose bush outside near the door, went to it and flung it open wide.

Rushing inside his eyes searched vainly for the panicked female he was hoping to find inside, cowering at his abrupt entrance.


No Movement what so ever!

Going back to the table he struck a match and relit the still smoking candle.

Lifting it, he held it up…

Nothing moved, no shadows from the feminine figure.

Or any living being for that matter was caste in the flickering light!

Puzzled, he had just started to peek under the bed, but ……

Suddenly the sound of several pebbles sharply striking the glass from the outside, made him jump, despite himself.

Swearing under his breath, taking the candle with him he went out the door and allowed its flame to illuminate the darkness outside.

He saw no one!

Then looking over and down, he realized his leather pouch of jewels was also gone from behind the roses!

Cursing himself for playing the fool, he stood there at the doorway, pondering his next move.

It was then that he felt something sharp stick in his back, and heard female giggling behind him…

From inside the cottage!

The pleased girl than said in a quite satisfactory manner…

“Lilly has gotcha’ now my sweet Gaston!”


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