A Wicked Turn

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Lilly, unimagined

He froze, the game was up, all from being an overly greedy prig!

He was quietly chastising himself when Lilly said with a hint of triumph in her voice…

“Come on in “Gaston!”

Gaston! he thought a glimmer of hope arising…, what with her mistaking him for the tardy French sounding bloke, there may be a way out of this yet me lad!

He turned around obediently and faced the smugly smiling redhead.

She had put her hands behind her back, and was swaying back and forth on her black satin short heeled shoes!

She appeared unnerved at his appearance, and reaching out for the candle, smiled as she said.

“Nice costume Gaston, you really look the part!

He did not answer, letting her take the candle from him.

She had bought forward both her hands, not holding anything sharp, so what had she done with the prickling object?!

Feeling in command of the situation, Lilly turned away, swished over to the table.

The gently laying the candle on the table she looks over at him, coyly gazed into his masked eyes with a blaze of satisfaction emitting from her face!

He had watched her exquisite long brown evening gown as it moved with her, flowing sleekly down along her figure!

A rather pretty figure, he had to admit, with the rather form flitting gown, and her long reddish hair gave no detractions from her Pygmalion like beauty…

The Burglar stood frozen, he had to know what she had done with his leather pouch filled with the jewellery he had stolen from Mariette!

She swished back over to him, wrapping her arms around his waist, and pulling him into a hug…

“Mmmm, I missed you, Gaston!”

Her head laid on his shoulders, her hair was hanging over her face, the diamond necklace she wore bounced invitingly against his chest!

He looked down upon Lilly.

The back of her neck was exposed, and revealing the dangling diamond clasp of Lilly’s expensive diamond necklace!

He smirked as he thought…

She would never suspect him lifting it!

Still grinning, the masked thief began to rock Lilly back and forth, and she responded by holding him closer.

He lifted his knee so it started rubbing up between her legs, as his hands grasped hard into her figure.

She whimpered a little and responded by lowering herself down and leaning in enough so that his knee reached up into her moist, naked vagina, massaging it as they rocked back and forth.

It was as she was busy pleasuring herself that he took full advantage of her distraction!

His left hand had unobtrusively travelled up from her waist, up along her stimulatingly brown satin gown, finally reaching to the back of her throat.

Nimbly lifting her necklace’s clasp, a simple flick of his fingers was all it took to unsnap it!

He pulled her down on his knee with his right arm holding onto her slippery satin gowned waist, and she squealed, utterly distracted with unbridled pleasure!

It was as she squealed, that he slipped off and away from her, the long thin necklace of brilliantly sparkling diamonds.

Holding it above her for a second, he lowered and pocketed it without Lilly detecting what he was up to!

He also realized that as he had successfully been stealing Lilly’s diamond necklace, his John Thomas had prickled itself into a satisfying discomfort!

With that feeling, and since he had her necklace safely stashed away, he continued letting her ride his knee for a minute or so longer, relishing in the feel as he tried to focus on deciding on how to get her to now reveal where she had hidden the pouch and jewels!


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