A Wicked Turn

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The Prey

Lilly stopped on her own accord, silently gasping for breath, as she stood up on wobbly legs, her eyes pie-eyed while she stepped back away from him!

He had remained mute…

Figuring he needed to somehow buy enough time to get himself, and Mariette’s jewels, out of this predicament!

Lilly, smiling like the cat who had just eaten a canary, took up his hands and backing away.

Her diamonds notably missing from around her throat, he pondered how fast Lilly would lose that look once she realized what he had been up to?

Lilly led him over to the table.

Reaching the table, Lilly dropped his hands and she sat upon the chair, and wickedly lifting her gown, exposed her naked genitalia to him.

He looked up from this display to face her.

She was smiling up at him, and as he saw the eager look in her eyes, his heart lurched in desire.

Her longish elegantly diamonded earrings, shimmering richly in the light of the candle, were the total cause, and effect.

He felt an unforgiving urge to have them, and to successfully take them from her, he needed to be in a more commanding position to do so!

Smiling with a devilish meaning, he grasped her by the sleekly clad waist and lifted her from the chair.

She came up willing, her eyes sparkling, much like her desirably swinging earrings!

Then he smoothly moved her around, and sat down upon the chair, looking up at her!

Smirking, she knelt in front of him, looking up at him as her fingers began stroking his pants, playfully feeling along his painfully erect manhood bound within!

Her long diamond earrings, hinged clasped upon her sweat glistened earlobes, were swaying back and forth from within her long red hair, with a hypnotic shimmer!

She unzipped his black pants, and freed his stiffly bound John Thomas!

It stood up straight, tall, and proudly erect!

Beaming, she again lifted her gown and mounted him.

Her mind appearing focused there, leaving her taunting jewels unguarded and exposed to the burglar’s endeavors!

She screeched happily as his John Thomas slipped inside as she slid down upon him!

He placed his hands again upon her scintillatingly satin clad sides!

As his john Thomas reached up, she began to rhythmically move up and down along its inserted length!

It was a wickedly good feeling, doubly so with the added exhilaration of an attempt to be made upon stealing the lady’s pricey earrings!

She chad closed her grey eyes and was moaning ecstatically as his plump john Thomas worked its magic deeply reaching up inside her!

He managed to move his fingers up as he placed his hands on both sides of her face, catching her earrings between his fingers and her sweat glistened ears.

Using the motion of her rocking figure to his advantage, he easily managed to slide off both earrings in unison!

He reached down and pocketing them, then dropping his hands out of his pocket and let his arms dangle down to his side, he bent back and moaned in delight at his accomplishments!

He needed to convince Lilly that his entire focus was on her stroking his manhood between his legs, and absolutely on nothing else!

But as soon as his hands had moved from his pockets, she abruptly stopped moaning, and began moving in a different manner!

Dismounting from his lap in a single hop, she swiftly moved behind the chair!

Before his fogged mind could react, she had his hands pulled behind the chair.

He felt the icy cold metal of handcuffs being strapped on over his wrists, clicking shut with a dampening finality!

They both had been playing their own games.

His luck, riding high all evening, had been dramatically cut off at the knees!

And he had to admit that the tables indeed had, been turned quite nicely.


What the hell, did they all have bloody handcuffs?


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