A Wicked Turn

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Lilly Beguiled

She stood hovering over him, smiling happily.

She intentionally was close enough that her brooch, and breasts, were teasingly hitting his nose!

“I had Supposed my friend, that I had given you ample enough lead!

He looked up at her questioningly

She reached down and played with her bright broach, hanging from her gown, positioned between her (very) perked breasts!

“Enough opportunity that you would have had this also from me! Imagine my surprise to still feel it prickling in its place untouched !!”

She held it glittering in front of his eyes...

She could see, that and despite his predicament, he wanted it!

Smirking she reached behind the brooch and unhooked it.

Then she leaned over, and placing her hands around his head, gently moved it forwards so that his mouth was touching the brooch.

She then moved up, making his mouth pull up the brooch till it came away from her gown and landed in his lap.

She twittered as she took in in hand, and slipped it down inside his pants, brushing along a now very wilted ‘John Thomas’


She said, rising…

“That jobs done! I’ll retrieve it later Mr. Burglar!”

She went to the side of the room, as his eyes followed, and pulling out his full leather pouch from underneath the bed, picked it up and carried it triumphantly to the table.

He swore, chastising himself under his breath…

He had been just that close to reclaiming Mariette’s Jewels! But he still harboured hopes of a second chance reclaiming them before the light of daybreak!!

“So quite nice of you to bring me poor Mariette ’s jewels, my sweet burglar.”

She ran her fingers under his chin, tickling with her long fingernails, coloured to match her gown!

She purred evilly…

“How did you leave her then?

Hopefully, you stripped her of everything, then left her tied up and struggling!”

Despite himself, his ‘John Thomas’ began to prick up at this, something Lilly noticed!

“Good, Mariette deserved for that to happen!”

Lilly shivered with delight while saying this as she opening the pouch and began to rummage through it!

She selected the silvery case that had been collected from the master bedroom from inside the leather pouch!

Opening the case in front of his nose, he saw the shimmering pile of white diamonds and red rubies twinkling from inside.

She sat the silver case down on the table and reaching again inside his leather pouch, retrieved the antique jewelled mirror.

Saying as she admired herself in its reflection.

“I’ve always admired this mirror; glad you were able to steal it away from poor Mariette!”

Using the mirror, she put in the dangling earrings of the ruby stoned set, admiring their reflection in the mirror as she did so, with a sidelong glance to make sure her prisoner was watching!

He most decidedly was!

His drooling eyes were as wide as a deer caught in headlights!

Next, she pulled out the long glittering ruby necklace and faced him, the jewels dangling daringly in her hand…

She held up the necklace of rubies…

“You like these sir? I could tell!

she said enticingly waving the jewelled piece in front of his masked face, before elegantly fastening it around her throat, where they cascaded down in a most beckoningly manner.

She admired their shimmering reflection in the ornate silver jewelled hand mirror, smirking to herself!

Yes, he thought drooling over the enticing sight, he did like them, quite a bit actually, and would take as much great pleasure in recovering them from her as he had taken them from hapless Mariette!

He squirmed in his seat at the thought, causing Lilly to giggle!

She murmured…

“Poor Mariette!” Must ’ave been devastated when she finally realized you weren’t that prat Gaston, and discovering the ending of her fine little game altered against her!

So, she knew he thought, and pondered what was in store for him now?!

Still prattling on about poor Mariette, Lilly continued to pull out the other ruby-encrusted pieces of the matching set.

Saucily dangling each piece tauntingly in front of his masked eyes…

Before slowly, carefully adorning her svelte brown satin clad figure with the fiery red glamorous little buggers!

When she had finished, Lilly stood before him and gave him her full attention.

He in return stared at her, keeping his expression poker-faced and unreadable

“I’m so sorry Mr. Burglar, did you still want these?”

She leaned over him, teasingly playing with jewels so that they flickered in the candles basking soft light.

He most certainly did want them, and his cuffed hands moved, his fingers flexing, itching to reclaim them from that deliciously lovely soft figure!

His mind’s eye quickly played out how he would have his revenge upon that pretty figure!

If only he could get his hands free, and he did so try very hard to do so at that moment!

Sensing his frustration, and maybe realizing what tiger she had by the tail, she smiled teasingly….

And backed away, taking her quite fetching figure and frenziedly sparkling jewels vexingly out of reach...

She went on….

“But they now belong to Lilly don’t they, my sweet burglar ?… However, there is something I can give you my dear…”

Then, looking once again ever like the cat eyeing the canary in his cage, Lilly unzipped her satin gown and let it slip down liquidly down from her figure.

She was now standing before him naked, her figure clad only in her jewels!

She reached over and pulled up and lifted off the black burglar’s mask, smiled deviously into his eyes, causing him to feel more than a slight prickling discomfort from down below as his ‘john Thomas’ rose to new eclectic heights!

She spoke with a whimsically foxy look spreading along her face as she pulled her long red hair up.

“So, Mr burglar? Did you like me better as a blonde?”


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