A Wicked Turn

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Lilly, unmasked

He sagely shook his head no, smiling into his wife Lilly’s hazel eyes!

she whispered deliciously to her husband, tickling him under the chin with ringed fingers, ….

“Game, Set and Match.. my darling role-playing thief!”

(Mariette/Lilly ) looked with sweet innocence down upon Michael, her husband (Mari in French), costumed as the cat burglar whom she had been calling Gaston/Mr. Burglar all evening!

He found the look upon her sly smiling face with her foxy grin, to be quite most enchanting… as it was, it always was!

Then Michael, with an even wider grin, spoke aloud for only the second time thus far this evening…

“The note luv, how did you know I was going to leave you there like that, and …where did you ever come up with the silly name of Gaston for me?”

“You’re a man my love, and like most, an easy predator to read!”

She tickled under his chin, then continued

“The names Gaston and Mariette? Got them all from the same place; from that old movie, we saw some time ago, where the thief claimed to be reformed in order to steal their jewel’s! Did you forget dearest? But then, you may have had other things on your mind tonight my darling!”

Lilly twittered as she rubbed a hand alongside his face, rings and bracelet delightfully shooting out blazing sparks.

He started to rise but was held firm by the handcuffs, damn he though, forgot about them, this was her part of the role play now, toying with the captured burglar!

Regaining his composure, he smiled and retorted

“Must have forgotten luv?

She squealed happily…

“So, you don’t remember the movie!”

“So you thought from the note, that Lilly was just going to be a second jewelled victim in the game needed to be robbed by the daring burglar!?

Lilly Scolded,

“No no no my sweet”…

“Lilly in the movie was a thief also, just like Gaston! Should have paid more attention to the movie Luv, and less to what your wife was wearing tonight naughty lad!”

And she tickled him underneath the chin in playful rebuff, Before going on...

“History always repeats itself my luv, and you should have been on the lookout for a trap from Lilly!”

Still trying unsuccessfully to recall the flick, he asked…

“So Gaston was taken in by Lilly in the also movie then?”

Lilly looked down upon her husband with a sly grin…

“He certainly was! And like tonight the thief Gaston” was successfully lured to his doom! “

As his wife explained, Her eyes had taken on a lustful glaze, and she bent down to him, her necklace swinging as provocatively as the expression on her face!

Wholeheartedly she kissed her husband as he tried unsuccessfully to raise his arms to her.

Giggling, she broke off and stood back, cheekily studying the bound “burglar” before her with a quite becoming self-satisfied smirk upon her charming face!

Then, again playing with the necklace, she smugly whispered down to him…

“But unlike poor Mariette, this necklace is safe from your clutches, as are the rest of my jewels!”

Shaking his head clear, trying to focus on how the game was turning against him, wondering how he could buy time to still get his hands on his wife’s jewels and come out, ahem! on top…

Then Michael tried to buy time by asking …?

“How did you slip out of here, get the pouch, and sneak back inside without me catching you then luv? Was that part of the movie also?”

He thought to himself that he needed to find the name of the movie to watch it again, and check his wife’s story about what had transpired….

He looked up at his wife’s smug face as she appeared to be about to answer his question…

“My secret!” she purred scrunching down…

“When your Lilly does not want to be caught, she won’t be... Words to the wise ‘Mr burglar’ …..and now that I have caught you my pet…..The game is up, and the last move will be mine!”

“La reine checmates son roi “

she whispered, in French, into his ear!

Bringing her jewels up close, whence they teasingly started sparkling radiantly in his eyes, like cascading rainbows of fiery colours , causing him to squint…

a zipper is heard being slowly pulled down


Please allow me the break the fourth wall here...

Swiftly, if not modestly, the tales’ scene now cuts to the outside of the moonlit glen with the stone cottage in view. The candle is still flickering in the window… The difference is that now a pair of shadows can be seen moving about indecipherably inside the window’s view of the room…

If one moves closer, stealthy like a thief in the night, and listens in, the silence is quietly broken inside by a male voice asking,

But what was the name of the Movi….?

The last word is cut off abruptly with a heartfelt grunt and what may be described as a suckling noise can be heard!

Soon followed by male moans intertwined by the sounds of a girl’s deliciously mischievous giggling, a bit muffled like she may have something large in her mouth!

And, giving the couple inside their bit of privacy…

The story fades out here and ends!

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