A Wicked Turn

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A Most Wicked Turn

The play occurs mostly inside a dark, foreboding Manor, rising from the surrounding, broody, mist-filled moors…..

but then, there-in does not lie the obligatory twist…

We now Join our tale in Progress ……

The Story

Based on study notes by Sally O’c____,


Written in her 3rd-year university, Michaelmas term 1966


Senses on high alert, the male wearing a cat burglars uniform of black, covered head to toe, inches his way along the upstairs hallway, eyeing the open master suite at the end of the corridor…

His Hazel eyes darted about, taking in every detail, more from concern than actual worry…

Something just had not felt right as he had gained an entrance through the second-floor balcony window of the isolated manor.

The house had been built some 200 years prior, standing alone, smack in the middle of a seemingly perpetually fog-laden moor.

The perfect background for a bit of tomfoolery!

The house alarm system had never been turned on…Why? Neglectful?

Why was the Master bedroom door the only one open along the hallway?

Why indeed?

Was it an oversight, or something more?

A trap perhaps?

Set up to invite someone inside, like luring a timid mouse to a waiting cat, or an innocent damselfly fly to a hungry spider web….

Or perhaps it would be a lured Cat catching his prey inside, uninterrupted and unhindered?

He apathetically licked his lips and proceeded on his course.

For the expected prize was much too close, far too glitteringly valuable, to back away from.

So he continued, acting out a role he had portrayed many times, although not all times was he successful….

Making his way down the quiet corridor, ever listening intently for anything, everything, prepared to alter his original plans at the slightest movement or out of place sound…

But his progress was unimpeded, and he soon gained the room, the treasure….

With a cautionary sweep of his torch, he found it to be deserted of all human-like presence.

But not deserted of any jewels, for a rather blinding flash came from the area of a vanity, sparkles of colourful fire from the open drawers of the manor’s mistress’s jewel case…

Again he stopped, waited, listened, watched!

Why had the jewel case not been shut up securely, not placed in the wall safe he knew was located behind a rather gold-framed fancy picture of a rather handsome lady wearing a flowing green velvet gown, adorned with emeralds and diamonds!

As he pondered, ears straining to hear any betraying sound, he eyed two gowns that were hanging nearby and rather fancied the brooch that the nearest one sported.

Its lure was far too desirable, as were its mates laying in the open drawers of the mahogany jewel case.

He had come much too far, planned far too long…. And so he entered the room, his given task at hand.

Tiptoeing over to the hanging satin gown, he felt its luscious, sensuous material between his thin silk gloved fingers.

The same fingers wrapped themselves around the sparkling diamond brooch, and gently unpinning the far too willing clasp, secreted it away into his small black velvet pouch.

He then slipped away to the vanity, eagerly eyeing through the eye slits of his mask, the many sparkling jewels that were laid out before him. Drooling over their expensive flickering sparkles of an expert man cut faceted light.

Almost purring like the proverbial cat, he began to scoop up the unbelievable riches that the jewel case had contained, feeling his pouch growing delightfully ever heavier by the quickly passing seconds.

He opened a small silver case he found inside the bottom drawer and eyed the dazzling matching set of rubies that greeted his hungry hazel coloured eyes. Closing it, he dropped it neatly into the pouch and finished his work.

Where in blazes were the emeralds that had been on the lady as her portrait had been painted?

Disappointedly, nowhere in sight!

As he placed in the final bit of jewellery, a rather large cocktail ring, in with the rest of its purloined companions, his eyes traveled to the rather inviting diamond tiara that lay upon a silk leopard-skin slip.

It was real he noted with a combination of pleasure and bewilderment.

Why was it not being worn out this evening by the fair lady of the manor?

This whole affair all been far too easy, and the jewels far to beckoningly valuable, and this,… this regal headpiece fit for a queen, and worth a king’s ransom, was laying here, unprotected, unguarded, why?

Indeed…. Why?


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