A Wicked Turn

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Indeed, Why?

He chuckled at his good fortune to find these valuables unguarded.

The tiara was beckoning him to take from this house of uncaring wealthy souls…


So it was, as his fingers wrapped around the almost blindingly shimmering Tiara, that it was not without surprise that his ear caught the slightest whisper of a rustling gown, and then a rather feminine foot being cautiously placed upon the stairway below at the opposite end of the hall …!

Like a cat, his muscles tensed, ready to flee…. He had time to make his escape….

But also like said cat, he was mildly curious, suspicious as to who had made such a gingerly executed entrance unto the landing of the floor below?

And… instinct was telling him that whoever was treading so lightly below, was treading alone…..!!

He grasped the Jewelled tiara, turned, and darted from the room and took up a position just outside the sitting room doorway through which he had entered the corridor.

Silently he moved, listening intently as the cautious steps slowly made their way upstairs from the grand entranceway below…

His sharp ears picking up the faintest sound of a swishing skirt!. He could sense that the (probably bejewelled) owner of those feet, which were treading ever so lightly, ever so elegantly, was as much on the alert as he was, listening out into the darkness for any hint of danger, much the same as he.

Only she was not sure if there was an intruder, and he was, very sure, there was!

He licked his lips, as he pondered it over for a few precious seconds.

Was this, after all, some type of elaborate ensnarement?

Or was it, as they say, a difficulty mastered, so an opportunity won?

Should he stay, or should he go?….

that was his question, and the answer needed to be made forthwith!


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