A Wicked Turn

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The Obvious Answer

Some inkling, possibly gained from years of experience, convinced him to stay put for the time being.

And so he did, waiting at the fork in his road, at a standstill as the steps approached, ever closer up the staircase, before deciding which path he should take!

Finally, she reached the top, and the steps stopped while she executed a most pregnant pause …

He watched and waited with eager anticipation.

Finally, after a silent ½ minute wait, he was rewarded as, the pleasing figure of a rather diminutive, excitingly pretty miss, peaked, then slipped cautiously around the corner.

Above all, what he found to be the most stimulating pleasing part of her picture, were the visible jewels she was flashily adorned with.

She was tightly holding closed the top of a green satin cape, it’s hood down, exposing her rather pretty delicately doll-like, made-up face.

Said face made even prettier by the dangling emerald earrings that swayed to and from the long platinum blonde hair that fell deliciously along either side of her head.

Running through both sides of that hair, along her forehead, was a thin gold coronet: and hanging down from the royal crown like gold piece, gently tapping along her forehead, was a small, but pricey, egg-shaped diamond, making a rather striking declaration of desirable opulence.

Desirable for her to where, desirable for others in her circle to look at, and desirable for a thief to steal away from her!

He looked down at her green satin gloved hands that held her cape closed.

She was wearing a pair of emerald rings, one on each index fingers, and a small diamonded ring on her left pinkie.

Both of her wrists were encased by a pair of cuff bracelets, their many rows of diamonds beckoning out in a manner quite vexing to one of his nature.

Also, vexing was the more than simply curious burning desire to see what additional treasures she was hiding underneath that lovely thin satin cape once stripped away.

For he had made his decision not to silently retreat with his bird in hand!



She suddenly whispered sharply looking about, her words slicing through the watching Burglars’ reverie like a sharp knife!

He refocused and watched.

“Whom and bloody ’ell where, was this Cinderella-like story named bloke, Gaston?

The lady continued on her quest at finding who was in the manor house with her!?

“Gaston, it’s me… Mariette! “

She was looking around as she spoke, and soon spied the door of the master bedroom, opened a crack as he had, in his haste, left it!

He froze as she swished past, the long green satin skirt of her gown swishing quite intriguingly from underneath her shiny cape.

The shadow she cast upon the opposite wall putting on a rather enticing show of its’ own.

Then, the encore, her glittering jewels sparkling out in the dimly lit corridor!

Finally, she reached the master bedroom door, and opening it a hair bit more, again called out the errant Gaston’s name into the darkness

No one answered her lamb-like pleads from inside!

With disappointment, she closed the door without going inside.

The Burglar breathed a sigh of relief until he saw that she was heading his way, her wide-open eyes spotting the crack of the sitting room door as she turned back.

He slowly melted deeper into the rooms’ shadows as she came swishing back down the corridor.

Seeing her shadow growing as it played along the hallway, then her eyes appeared at the door, peering inside.

Gaston? she whispered hopefully inside the room, her eyes falling to see anything out of place amongst the shadows.

She then moved away and he slinked back, resuming his lookout in anticipation.

No game of cat and mouse had ever been as enticingly played, he murmured through salivating lips.

she was crossing to the closed-door directly across the hall.

Slowly she opened the door and peered inside.

“Gaston?”, she again called out musically, “ Mon Mari ?”, where are you lad, and by the devil, what game are you playing up now!


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