A Wicked Turn

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The Game, Revealed

She did not enter the room, just looked in from the hallway, speaking to the shadows within…

“ Mon Mari ?”, where are you lad, and by the devil, what game are you playing up now!

Sometime later that night, he would reflect on the last bit of the young girl’s sentence!

It was not just the words she used, but more so how she had spoken them!

So, rather than at that moment turning to flee with the already pilfered goods in hand, some intuition, unwittingly gleaned from the girl’s performance, held him firmly in place.

With the distinct impression that she was expecting something special from dear absent Gaston!

And he was all about providing something ‘special’!

Not to mention the jewels she wore!

They were certainly a most intriguing lure, a bit of nice icing that could be added to a posh cake of already wedding like proportions…. Those jewels, both seen and as of yet unseen, were too valuable to be demurring over, especially for a seasoned Burglar such as He!.

She whispered again into the shadows, to the unseen presence she felt was there!

“Come out, come out, wherever you are… Olly olly oxen free?”

He smiled wickedly neath his mask, whispering through gritted teeth…

Time to Role Play

With full daring, he took the chosen path, decisively opened the door, and watched as her figure froze rigid upon hearing the sharp creaking noise coming from behind.

He swiftly reached her, getting ready to place a hand around her mouth to stifle the expected scream, and the other to slip around her waist, to draw her delectably satin clad figure close to hand preventing her from fleeing!

But remarkably, there were no screams or startled gasps.

“ Oui, Gaston, you’re a dickens!” she unworriedly scolded to the footsteps coming up behind her…

“Five years away, and you haven’t changed a bit, never one for a proper hello now are ye, laddie!”

He stopped dead in his tracks, inches away from her, frozen from completing his intended action of seizing her.

“What is it to be tonight, Gaston?”

she continued, speaking to the person behind her whose shadow now had emerging menacingly over her petite on reflected on the wall….

“Thievery? Too bad I didn’t guess what you had in mind this evening! Otherwise, I would ‘ave worn some of Mums’ better jewels!”

Needless to say, her spoken words that would be vexing to most men, were especially welcomed to our Burglars ears!

So, he listened intently, not believing what he was hearing…

She thinks this is a game!

His fingers started to tingle at the prospect of this new adventure!

But he was also staying ready to act accordingly if it did not go his way...

Obliviously she continued, her sweet sing-song voice, teasing…

“But dear Gaston, unannounced thieves cannot be choosers mate, mine will just have to do!”

She flicked an earring backward, it twinkled merrily in the dim lights.

Jewels as valuable as hers would twinkle even in the dimmest of lights, mere rhinestones would not!

He knew this was a fact, and began to inwardly drool over this certainty!

“Now darling Gaston…!”

She instructed without turning, as she talked to the shadow that still loomed up on the wall in front of her.

“Go into my room!”

At this, she obligingly indicated her room by nodded to the door across the hall, then continued…

“Start pilfering the jewels from my case on the mantel. I will come back in and surprise you. You know what will come next… Just don’t make the bindings too tight this time darling!”

He did not have time to react as she turned happily around to face him…

Her jewels flashed brilliantly as she turned, her gown swishing around her in a most provocative fashion!

She looked up boldly at his masked face, then slowly, approvingly, down along his black-clothed ending at the black military boots upon his feet, then her gaze went back up, her eyes beaming, boldly showing a lustful look that sent his heart afire.

She then sharply scrunched down, briskly reached up between his legs and goosed him quite royally!

He managed to barely keep hold of his breath, his eyes were focused on the diamond swaying predominantly upon her forehead, provocatively tapping with a shimmering fire…

….as he felt the exquisite, back straightening pain burn up from below, engulfing his entire being!

She rose, tapping his face affectionately with a gloved hand, her rings and cuffed bracelets flashing smartly.

“Nice costume by the way luv!”

She said. Her hazel green eyes travelled up into his, inviting an answer from “Gaston”.

He just remained silent, frozen to the spot, breathlessly unable to speak even if he had dared!


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