A Wicked Turn

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Wasting Time?

He eagerly started to move towards her...


She said with a giggle, her flashily ringed finger raised again, stopping him as he had started to move towards her as she admonished him…

“Not quite yet! You forgot the most important part of burgling a lady’s chamber! “

Again, he stood staring, not quite knowing what the devil this peculiarly eager to be robbed damsel in distress was going on about now!?

But quite recent experience told him it should be to his thieving benefit to take more precious time and hear her out!

So, he stood questioningly waited to hear what the most important part was?

Which she then, quite helpfully, spelled it all out to him…

“You didn’t check the lingerie drawer, Gaston! Any real burglar would have done so!”

He observed her winking at him …

“Come along Gaston l, get into your role my darling…!”

He looked at her, smirking to himself…

“Indeed, lady, I will!”

Curiously He turned and looked down upon the drawer in the stand next to her bed.

“No silly, still in the drawer beneath my now pilfered jewel case!”

She was looking down mischievously at the Drawers set in the ancient oak antique Chippendale dresser.

He turned, hesitating…

Should dear Gaston know which one it was?

He decided to just start at the top and began opening them one by one and pray he did not invoke her to start having any doubts as to his true nature!

He went over and started to pull open the top drawer.

She could be heard giggling in the background…

“Moved it on you didn’t I from the last time!? “

Her most welcomed words relived a bit of his anxiety, the gig was still not up, she still hadn’t guessed that he was the real thing, and not some love lost Beau sadly burdened with the moniker of Gaston, of all things!

“Ahh, there you go my darling!”

She said as he opened the next…

The drawer was found to contain, as promised, piles of wispy thin satin and silks, in all colours of a shimmering rainbow! Curious as to what further riches he was meant to find, he greedily swirled the expensive lingerie about, soon finding a pile of glistening silver all carefully laid out on one side.

A silver brush comb and matching mirror, all studded with jewelled handles, and a pair of silver handcuffs!

He lifted the jewelled vanity pieces...

He had once drooled over a similar set discovered in a museum’s case!

“Oops, she giggled, forgot those were there, just leave ’em luv!”

But he continued to place them into the case at his feet and was surprised when she did not protest.

Instead, she said reasonably…

“But of course, they are jewelled, just be careful with ’em please my darling?”

Buy then he was already curiously looking inside, lifting the handcuffs…

He heard his victim give out a hoarse moan behind him!

The handcuffs and keys he lifted and threw on the satin comforter of the bed, wondering how many times she and her Gaston had put them to use?

He picked up the now quite hefty leather pouch and looked over at his smirking victim.

“Come mister thief!”

She instructed lustfully …

“Finally time to do your worst!”

“With pleasure” he murmured to himself, studying most hypnotic swaying of her long jewelled earrings…

“To all my just gratification, Madam!”


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