The Darkness Behind A Shadow

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Chapter 9: A Road Trip

“Grandma, what the hell is going on! Where are we even going?” Spencer yelps as he grabs onto the dashboard, hoping he makes it to their destination alive.

“We’re going to see one of your father’s friends. He could really help us with this situation. He could even tell you more about Elena,” grandma comments enthusiastically as she hastily swerves off the highway.

“W-why? And you didn’t even tell me exactly who Elena is! Ah, slow down grandma! You’re going to get us both killed!”

“I told you she’s one of your father’s business partners’ daughters. But, the real question is why would the kidnappers get you two married? Are they only after wealth or is there something in the organization?” Grandma begins to mumble to herself as she speeds up once again, swerving the car as if she were in an action movie.

“Organization? What organization?” Spencer asks as he grabs onto the arm rests of his seat for dear life.

Despite getting herself involved in accidents every few months and receiving over ten speeding tickets in her lifetime, grandma doesn’t derail from her so-called “thrill of life.”

Ignoring Spencer’s terrified expression, she answers.

“The organization is not the matter you should be focusing on right now. You should worry about your relationship with Elena,” answers grandma in distress, effectively distracting him.

“Grandma, I already told you she wants nothing to do with me. She literally wrote that letter to tell me to get off her trail. She even ended it with ‘never yours.’ The last thing she would want me to do is worry about our so-called relationship,” spats Spencer as he curls his hands into fists.

“First of all, you need to stop that train of thought right there,” she declares as she slaps his shoulder. “Secondly, I think you need to think more logically, honey. She was forced into a matrimony right after she graduated from high school. High School! I know you are only a year older than her, but you’ve been exposed to the real world a little bit more than her. And that girl is a pure, little angel. She probably hasn’t even thought about being in a relationship. And, on top of all that, she lost her parents at a young age! Being thrown on top of foster parents isn’t exactly heaven. So, based on her past experiences, her trust and faith in people is practically nonexistent. When you come into the picture, it really is no different; she automatically expects the worst. And, with that she rejected you upfront. But, she didn’t ask for a divorce, which deep down gives me the hope that her heart doesn’t want this relationship to end.”

Spencer glances at his grandmother, bewildered.

“Oh, so you’re saying that she has it hard! Come on grandma, my parents are divorced because my father thought it would be entertaining to cheat on my mother! And, I was so young then too! I spent countless days in my room crying over that idiocy because I wanted a perfect family! My life hasn’t really been that easy either!” Spits out Spencer with venom laced in his voice.

“Fine, you are right to a certain extent. But you still have your mother and me, two people who would do anything for you! Elena doesn’t have that luxury; in fact, she only has her little brother as family. You have it tough but she has it just as tough or even tougher. But let’s stop comparing adversity. You can’t just listen to her and pretend that day didn’t happen. We have to face problems, not run away from them. So, let’s go inside and see what answers we can cough out of your father’s so called friend,” huffs grandma as she shuts the ignition.

Spencer unbuckles his seat belt, not noticing that they have already arrived. He grabs onto his grandmother’s shoulder before she can exit the car.

“Wait, how do you know so much about Elena?” Inquires Spencer.

“Oh, your mother and Elena’s mother were good friends. Lydia hastily ended her friendship with Caroline, Elena’s mom when Caroline told your mother that she thought your father was cheating on her. She was blindly in love with him at the time and threw Caroline out of her life. Years later, she found out that Caroline was correct with her suspicions. However, it was too late; Caroline was dead,” Grandma explains as a tear spills. She quickly wipes it away, composing herself.

Spencer takes his grandmother’s hand and squeezes it in reassurance.

“Were Caroline and my mother really close?” murmurs Spencer.

“Oh, they were inseparable since they met each other in kindergarten. But, when your mother met your father in college, Caroline and I both suspected something fishy. Your father was quite charming in his late teens, but he was equally manipulative. Lydia was so tightly in his grasp that she slowly lost all of her close friendships chasing after him and his love. She only started to contact me when she needed a babysitter for you. I was overjoyed that she would at least let me see you. But, nothing can undo what she did. She has put in extensive effort by repairing the relationship between you two, but we won’t have that bond anymore. When trust is lost, it’s never found. So you see why I really want you to try with Elena? This world is a horrible place and finding the perfect life partner is nearly impossible. Elena will give you a chance Spencer. I can feel it. And you should too. She’s a really sweet and tenacious girl.”

Spencer’s eyes soften.

“Okay, I’ll give her a go. But what exactly are we going to accomplish at this person’s house?”

Grandma is stiffed at the change of topic.

“We’re going to cough up information about Elena! The only other person that could have information like her address or her phone number would be your father, and after everything he did to you and Lydia, if I ever see him in person again, I will beat him until his face is unrecognizable,” shouts grandma, anger fuming as thinks about a possible confrontation with that bastard.

“Well, I never agree with your crazy ideas, but I’m with you on this one. But, did you tell him we’re coming?”

Grandma rolls her eyes and opens her car door. Looking at Spencer with a look of resolve, she speaks.

“Honey, my name is Sadie Jones. I can walk into anyone’s house at any time and demand whatever I want. These businessmen got nothing on me, honey. Let’s go!”

Spencer quickly gets out of the car with a chuckle and follows his grandmother to the front door. It won’t be long before he meets his wife, and although his brain doesn’t want much to do with her, his heart can’t stop racing.

What will win, his brain or his heart?

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