The Darkness Behind A Shadow

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Chapter 1: Patience Is Key

Snow has begun to melt from the grass. The town has been bathing in sunlight. Birds chirp in the distance as neighbors happily indulge in their outdoor activities. However, in the residence of the Becketts, the sun is unable to enter.

“Dad! This is not going to work out!” said the son.

“Have a little faith in me, would you! Yes, Elena is being the stubborn brat she always is, but don’t worry, she and Spencer will reunite,” Exclaims the father.

“Hey, don’t call her a brat, I want to marry her one day,” the son pouts.

Despite the son’s greed for her wealth, he has fallen in love with Elena over the course of two years. Her timidness as a young teenager and her beauty and resilience as a young woman are the qualities that have captivated his attention. He reluctantly agreed to the kidnapping, and plans to propose for a matrimony once this fiasco comes to an end. After all, when he desires something, he conquests.

“I really do not understand your taste, but once we acquire her parents’ money, you are free to do whatever you please,” he sighs.

“The both of you are sick. Elena and Nick did nothing to either of you. Why won’t you both just let them live their lives in peace?” Cries the mother in agony.

The mother had always been a shadow to her husband and her stepson, but cannot stand this sick torment in front of her anymore.

“Wow. Wow. Wow. Look at you. Always looking out for your cousin’s flesh aren’t you? Don’t worry darling, we don’t plan to hurt them. We’re just going to play a little game. The Henrys made it their life mission to throw me into the gutter, and the Lents always had their backs. Now it’s time to make the Henrys burn in their graves, and the screw over Lents’ son right under their noses.” the father proudly stated.

The mother was not surprised by the father’s rash behavior. From the day they got married to now, there was not a single day of happiness. Their relationship had purely been robotic. However, her husband had been more discrete and respectful before. But now, it felt as if there was no worth in his eyes for her anymore. She stares at her husband with distaste.

“You will not succeed with your stupid plan, Liam,” the mother utters emotionlessly.

“Yeah, Yeah, keep your mouth shut you hag! Don’t you dare cross lines with me, or else I’ll sell your precious mother’s home,” Liam snaps.

His wife had always been a burden. He could get anywhere without her yapping her nonsense, and derailing his plans. His thoughts jumbled in his brain as she yelped once again.

“Mother, you better be watching this catastrophe from heaven! It is only because of you that I am quietly watching this disaster unfold,” cries the mother.

“Linda, you are completely overreacting. Everything will go as planned. Plus, father and I are the ones pulling this plan off. Smartness and wittiness is in our DNA. Stop acting like a pathetic little child. Your ugly mother is dead, and she’s never coming back. So, just get over it. And, whatever friendship you and Caroline Henry had is buried in a grave. It died the second her heart stopped beating,” mentions the son.

Linda was shell shocked by her son’s behavior. While it is true that he had never taken much of a liking towards her, he had always kept quiet. Now, it seems as if the mask has been torn off, and the truth is unfolding.

“Hey! How dare you talk to me that way! Don’t ever talk about my mother that way. And don’t utter Caroline’s name out of your disgusting mouth. I am your mother, so call me by that!” Exclaimed Linda.

“You are not my mother. You are just another person that my father happened to stumble upon in his life. You don’t even deserve the title of stepmother,” the son shrieks.

“Alright, alright. Ignore what the hag said. Every word that leaves her mouth is pointless anyway. Besides, the gold digger can’t survive a second without us,” states Liam monotonously.

Despite the hate being thrown at her, Linda stood tall and firm, refusing to break. She cast a small smirk on her face, one that promised a terrible surprise.

“I definitely could, you idiot! But, I am only here because in your filthy hands, you hold the last traces of my mother. Don’t expect me to be a part of this in any way. Indeed, you shall get dumped into your personal hellhole soon enough. Elena and Nick are the children of Michael and Caroline. They have no shortage of brain cells. I can’t wait until you are caught by the police,” spats Linda.

“See son, again she spats out her stupid nonsense. We won’t go down, and if we do, you will rot in jail, not us. We have the money and connections for bail, you are just a bloodsucking gold digger,” shouts Liam as Linda rolls her eyes and proceeds to her room upstairs.

Liam shoots her glares of abhorrence as she walks up the steps. There was nothing in her hands. All of the wealth was in his bank account. She would be a beggar on the streets if it weren’t for him.

“Alright dad, forget her. What are we going to do about Elena and Spencer? Elena wants nothing to do with the guy. Spencer cannot acquire her property if he never interacts with her. And plus, Spencer is one of those dumb guys that actually cares about people. How on earth is he going to get his hands on her money? He would never just take it from her. And that’s a big if. Elena’s stupid independent nature won’t even get them to interact with each other. Hell, at this rate, this will take forever,” blurts out the son.

“Hey, kiddo. Relax. They will be forced to interact. Elena is eighteen, and she got an acceptance from Columbia University. Nick and Elena can’t leave the city as long as Elena wants a college education. Spencer already attends NYU, so it’s a small world. They are bound to meet, and bound to get together. Spencer is a lovesick child. He will definitely try to sweep Elena off her feet,” Liam discloses.

Spencer was a spoiled child raised in an exquisite household. He won’t even suspect what is being planned for him, thought Liam.

“Well, I seriously hope he doesn’t sweep her off her feet per say, but I do understand now. It will happen soon. But how long are we going to wait for this to happen? And knowing Spencer, he will probably just tell his parents,” grimaces the son.

“He’s not going to tell his parents. He’s a lovelorn dog. He’s going to look for Elena on his own. We are just going to have to wait, son. We cannot rush this process. It’s not like we are dirt poor or anything. I’m part of a multimillionaire corporation. We just need to empty those idiots out of their money. That’s what they get for messing with me,” reveals Liam with pride.

“But dad, how long are we going to wait?” Asks the son.

“Have patience, kiddo. The fruit of patience is really sweet,” crackles Liam.

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