The Darkness Behind A Shadow

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Chapter 7: A Confession

“OH MY GOD!” shrieks out grandma.

“Grand-,” Spencer begins but is cut off.

“Well, well, well. And I thought your grandfather was a lovesick puppy.”

“Grandma, it’s not what you thi-”

“You couldn’t even wait could you. In fact you didn’t even tell me!”

“No, its not-”

“Not even a traditional marriage. You just eloped. She must be someone really special.”

“No, she-”

“You could wait to do the dirty with her, could you? You turned out to be even more of an impulsive person than your grandfather!”

“What! No! You know I’m-”

“She must be so gorgeous if she has you so whipped-”

“GRANDMA, LISTEN,” Spencer snarled.

“Hey! Lower your voice. And plus, what could you possibly need to say that would justify such a shocking event. I knew you had guts kiddo, but marrying a girl? Without anyone knowing? Oh Lord!” Grandma exclaims as she moves away from the broken glass.

“It’s nothing like that. In fact, it’s actually quite the opposite,” Spencer heaves as he grabs the broom and begins to clean up the shards.

“What do you mean?” Questions grandma as she couldn’t imagine another scenario.

“It was forced. Elena and I were kidnapped by three unknown people and forced into this marriage,” Spencer explains as his grandmother’s eyes widen once again. “I have no idea who was behind it, and I honestly don’t really think that is what matters anymore.”

“Doesn’t matter? Are you kidding me? There has to be a plan. People don’t just casually kidnap two teenagers for marriage. Like I guess some parents don’t have children and no one is this sick to have this as a naturally occurring activity. At least, I hope-”

“Grandma, what do I do?” Spencer inquires as he dumps the shattered glass into the trash.

The house is silent for a few moments.

“Hmm,” she contemplated.

“Hmm, what?” Spencer apologetically interrupts.

“Well, this doesn’t just pertain to you. The three of us should be figuring this out. What did you say her name was? Eliza?” Grandma queries.

“Elena,” Spencer grumbles her name in distaste as she hasn’t been on his mind since their matrimony. “And, no, the three of us won’t sit down together because she wants nothing to do with me,” Spencer objects as he grabs the letter that Elena sent to him from his back jeans pocket and throws it towards his grandmother.

As she reads, Spencer takes his luggage from the living room and drags it to his bedroom. For the next twenty minutes, he organizes his clothes and places his toiletries in the bathroom across the hall.

As he finishes, his grandmother makes her grand entrance.

“I know who Elena is.”

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